R CAMP Friday the 13th Sleepaway Camp Slice and or Dice The Friday the 13th series began its long run in theatres 40 years ago with – four-

decade-old spoiler – Mrs. Voorhees killing off camp counselors that she blamed for her son Jason’s drowning. Well, being the epitome of the saying that you can’t keep a good man, well a good psychopath down, said offspring was very much alive and out to avenge his mother literally losing her head with a well-timed machete chop at the end of Part 1. One year later, Jason made it known that drugs are bad, and sex is even worse, mmmkay, as he dispatched a group of counselors-in-training. Among them were preppy Scott and wheelchair user hottie Mark, played by gay actors Russell Todd and Tom McBride, respectively. Todd was armed with DSL and a pair of blue eyes that could rival the decep-

tively calm waters of Crystal Lake. The eventually out actor added one more horror credit to his IMDb page with Chopping Mall, which you could file under “C” for camp. He also proved to be a natural for daytime soaps of the day, like Another World and The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless, before he focused on becoming a Hollywood agent. Now, at age 62, Todd is the definition of a silver fox. McBride started his career as a model, most famously for Winston cigarette billboards in the ’80s, which makes sense because he was smoking hot! Unfortu- nately, the openly gay actor died of AIDS in 1995 and his final months were the subject of the documentary Life & Death on the A-List. The only gay thing about Part 3 was the theme in the title sequence replacing the traditional “Ki-Ki-Ki-Ma-Ma-Ma” for a disco-tinged number that was apparently

big at gay clubs circa 1982. It’s not surprising that 1988’s Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood was

nicknamed Fri-gay the 13th by its crew and cast, which included four gay men playing parts in the movie. Kevin Spirtas – who went by Kevin Blair at the time until he changed it in 1995 – starred as Nick, who had a penchant for wearing a pair of almost Daisy Dukes and so much Aqua Net that his hair didn’t get mussed up as he and Tina (Lar Park Lincoln) took on the notorious serial killer, surviving with his coif intact. The same can’t be said of Michael (Bill Butler), who was the first one killed by Jason; nor would Ben (Craig Thomas) or Eddie (Jeff Bennett) survive their meet-and-greet with the hockey masked killer. You can find all of the aforementioned movies on Amazon Prime, as is the

next entry, 1983’s Sleepaway Camp, which probably has the most notorious gender reveal in movie history. Young Angela (Felissa Rose) has already seen her fair share of death before her arrival at Camp Arawak, after a boating accident that left her, gasp, two dads killed. Soon there are a series of grisly murders at camp and surprisingly one camp counselor Ronnie (Paul DeAngelo) manages to escape, despite his super short shorts that looked like they’d catch fire from the friction his meaty thighs could generate. There was even a series reboot, Return to Sleepaway Camp, in 2008 that erased the two sequels that followed and featured DeAngelo and Rose. It wasn’t surprising that the last season of American Horror Story:1984 paid homage to this particular brand of slasher flicks, which saw Mr. Jingles (John Carroll Lynch) doing his best to rival Jason.

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