Providing independence & comfort through standing

Designed and developed in the Midlands over the past 15 years the Genie V2 is one of the most advanced wheelchairs available. Combining advanced engineering and practical design, the Genie provides independence and comfort for all levels of dependency.

At Genie Wheelchairs we pride ourselves on developing practical and affordable solutions that make your day to day life that little bit easier! Appropriate for all levels of dependency from our basic model through to a complete care system tailored to each individual.

The Genie V2 has been designed with your everyday needs in mind, providing upper and lower body support to allow washing, air circulation and relief from pressure pain. The ability to stand opens up many possibilities such as access to previously inaccessible places or even getting back into the workplace as many of our Genie users have, whilst providing everyday health benefits such as aiding circulation and digestion. Standing is an important part of maintaining good health. The Genie can aid in the prevention of bladder problems and assist with bone development and pressure management.

The Genie V2 is incredibly easy to manoeuvre, light and compact when stored. It is easily folded away into a cube which is ideal for transportation on planes or in non converted vehicles, enabling you to do more and go further in comfort. Providing independence for yourself and your carer is our main aim.

With its range of control options from the attendant control system, which allows a carer or family member to drive, stand and manage comfort to our unique head control system allowing you to use all functions of the Genie just by head movement alone. The Genie V2 comes complete with hygienic, easytouse toilet facilities that can revolutionise your quality of life. All features are removable depending on your needs. When you can sit, recline, stand up and be mobile in safety without leaving the chair the possibilities are endless.

Everyone’s needs can change.

All the Genie’s facilities and functions can be added or removed easily at any time to suit your requirements as an individual. Our base unit is easily adapted to accommodate a wide range of additional features, from vehicle docking systems to our unique head control system. And when it comes to one off customization at Genie wheelchairs nothing is impossible, from ventilator shelving to customised seating if you have any special requirements let us know. Nothing is too much when it comes to your comfort and independence.

• • • •

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Easy transfers from bed to sitting or standing

Custom built to suit all needs Comfortable & maneuverable Enhances quality of life Provides dignity,

independence & mobility Provides many health benefits Removes boundaries

Designed & Manufactered in GREAT BRITAIN

To arrange a free in home demonstration of all the Genie V2 has to offer, call Easyrise on 01952 610300 or visit

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