Initiative to support vulnerable people to continue as lockdown starts to ease

shielding as their service has become a lifeline for many. Scotland and Wales have extended their shielding


periods for extremely vulnerable patients to 31st July and 16 August respectively, whilst in England, the shielding period was due to end on 30 June. UniTaskr’s #Task4Help initiative, which started in

Manchester when the outbreak first set in, has over 26,000 students supporting over 500 households and local businesses across the UK. Speaking about his decision to extend the initiative, UniTaskr’s founder Joseph Black said, “Despite the easing of the lockdown, we’re still seeing a growing demand for support amongst the most vulnerable in society. There are 1.5 million high-risk individuals in the UK, who are likely to remain in isolation for the foreseeable future. We are helping these individuals, by providing them with the support network they need to continue living everyday life, without the constant fear of having to leave their safe place…their home.” The #Task4Help initiative is available throughout the UK, to anyone who requires

Oliver Jacobs (l) and Joseph Black (r)

assistance, whether that be a cancer patient who is unable to leave their home because they’re shielding or an elderly person who’s too anxious to go out. Whatever the task, big or small, UniTaskr’s army of students is ready and willing to help those in need. The UniTaskr platform can also be used by family members or friends to post a task on someone’s behalf. UniTaskr user, Nina (82), from Hertfordshire said, " UniTaskr has been my saviour as I

am alone and isolated. It was easy to use and the delightful, friendly young people that have helped me have been incredible. Even had chats from my window. Thank you to these lovely young students and to UniTaskr." UniTaskr’s founders, Joseph Black and Oliver Jacobs, have always had a strong

UniTaskr user, Nina, Hertfordshire

sense of corporate social responsibility and built UniTaskr on an ethos of ‘people before profits’ - the decision to do something meaningful amid the coronavirus crisis is no different. UniTaskr can be accessed via both website and app ( and is available on both Android and IOS app stores.

How it works: • The public post a delivery task, on the UniTaskr app or website outlining key information, such as what they need, when they need it and where they need it to be delivered.

• Local students are notified and can apply for the task. • The original poster can then assign a student to the task and are put into a private chat to communicate the finer details.

• When goods are purchased, the student sends through an image of the receipt alongside an updated task price for the buyer to release payment and delivery can then be made. • The student can choose to waive the cost of the items purchased or time given.

If you are isolated and need help, visit the webpage and post what errand you need or download the app, UniTaskr, available in IOS and Android. #Task4Help

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s the UK’s lockdown begins to ease and non- essential shops re-open, one social initiative is urging people not to forget about those who are

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