Preamble: We love the way you’ve expressed the various shades of your persona on your album cover (existential,hopeless romantic,goofy, positive,fuckboy, spicy). In keeping with this spirit of diversity, we have decided to present a rainbow of questions about your latest project and your artistry in general.

The visuals for “Modern Loneliness”represent humans as essentially isolated, even when we’re surrounded by others. How does the song express your desire to make a meaningful connection with those around you / with your fans? In a lot of ways, we are more connected than ever, but at the same time, we are missing a lot of real, personal connections. The Internet primes us to talk to as many people as we can at once, and to always be switching apps, etc. For me, I want to break that sort of loneliness in life.

In “Tattoos Together,” you describe an impulsive yet lifelong gesture (getting inked for a significant other). What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love? The craziest thing I’ve ever done for love is getting matching tattoos after just the first two weeks of dating.

The outtakes at the end of the “TT” video are hilarious. How important is laughter, especially when people are struggling with anxiety and depression (issues you explore intimately in your work)? Super important. With some of the heaviest things in life, we forget that laughter

and comedy is so important. Sometimes people are afraid to be insensitive, but I think you need to be able to make light of serious things sometimes.

Rolling Stoneis calling you ‘Pop’s Up-and-Coming Heartbreak King’ – how do you react to that title? What does fame mean to you? I think fame is pretty funny. People are all just people, and sometimes I don’t know how to react to it all.

Your single “Drugs & the Internet” brilliantly satirizes society’s rampant need for online love. How can we find our way back to basics (human connection, true friendship, etc.)? Putting your phone away and realizing that a lot of times, real relationships are built slowly and dependent on you being able to open up and talk about your problems.

Bringing the rainbow back into harmony, I’d like to ask one final question: How does~how i’m feeling~ represent the full musical array of your soul? It just represents me at this time and all the different parts of myself that I felt like I was not embracing for a long time.

Embracing is a key sentiment for the wounded appeal of~how i’m feeling~. It

is a virtual hug in the age of physical distancing. The contemplative melodies will flitter from your device, through your ear buds, and into your very being. All you need is Lauv.

THE MORE LAUV, THE BETTER Following the March release of his debut album ~how i’m feeling~ Lauv

recently dropped a surprise new EP titledWithout You. The four tracks were all written and produced during the COVID-19 quarantine with Amy Allen (Halsey, Selena Gomez), DallasK (Fifth Harmony) and Johnny Simpson (Christina Aguilera, Ava Max), among others. In addition, Lauv recently launched his episodic video series and podcast

called Breaking Modern Loneliness. Each episode is a new open forum discus- sion on all things human relationships, mental health and technology. Lauv and his episodic guest start off with a specific topic, ranging from making new friends, to social media boundaries, to maintaining relationships. Look out for new episodes, as the series is available digitally everywhere.

July 2020 | @theragemonthly 21

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