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by bill biss

SupertonicDiana Ross “If there’s a cure for this … I don’t


want it, I don’t want it.” No, I’m not talking about COVID-19 but a “Love Hangover.” Diana Ross is working her divine magic onSupertonic. Along with star remixer Eric Kupper, she produced this new set of dance jams of some of her finest recordings. The results sparkle and shine in a supreme style. Whether it’s “I’m Coming Out” or “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” out of a set of nine songs, the results are as dynamic as Ms. Diana Ross. If there’s a potion for the summertime blues … this is it.Available now

Unfollow The RulesRufus Wainwright

The voice of Rufus Wainwright is unmistakable. Unfollow The Rules harkens to his initialWant One album. This gay troubadour of song is back after a long absence in the recording studio. After composing an opera and recreating Judy Garland’s legendary concert at Carnegie Hall, Wainwright has returned to his roots, and that’s a good thing. The music is entrancing and filled with emotions, wit and sadness. Majesty is found in the title track “Unfollow The Rules,” and he truly serenades like a Don Juan in “Peaceful Afternoon.”Available July 10

Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks Looking for some classic songs to

Orange Crate Art

keep the groove mellow during the heat of the times? Look no further than these classic musical geniuses Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks. Initially released in 1994, this deluxe reissue is pure sunshine and a nod to the “golden state” of California. The CD has the music swaying and such a solid vibe of intricacy in all regards. It can’t be overstated that there is a love for Wilson’s remarkable talent and Parks’ joyous skills in creating this. Once again, it will create a “SMILE.”Available now

Hate For Sale Pretenders One of the original bad ass

women of rock and punk is Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders. Her hard-edged attitude, tough and tender vocal abilities matched with her cynical wit has always lit a flame of musical passion with a rare sense of style. Now 40 years later, Hynde leads the way for a brand new album calledHate For Sale. The sounds are pure Pretenders and it’s remarkably like turning back the clock to their debut album. The fire in her fierceness is out in full force and blow off some steam as she is “precious.”Available July 17

Gender and Sex in the Films of George Cukor What Price Hollywood?

Elyce Rae Helford “Out where they say, let us be gay … I’m going

Hollywood!” One of the very finest directors, and gay at that, to work in Hollywood was George Cukor. In her book, Helford dives into the pool of how Cukor could finesse the actresses and actors to define and redefine their gender and sexuality. What Price Hollywood? explores the times of Cukor’s life, the films he directed, and his skill at pushing the boundaries as far as he could within the studio system. From Mitzi Gaynor inLes Girls to Marilyn Monroe inLet’s Make Love to Katharine Hepburn, Cukor was a genius at mastering the art of female and male relationships on screen. Available now


The Little Book of Pride: Quotes to Live By Orange Hippo!

LGBTQ Pride is found in the struggles, the his-

tory, the tragedies and the victories. There are no parades or festivals this year, other than virtually, but you can reflect on the achievements made past and present inTheLittle Book of Pride. There is a wide display of rainbow-colored quotes dating back 50 years and recently that inspire, tell the sign of the times, invigorate, and honor the fight for human rights and acceptance. From Harvey Milk to Laverne Cox and so many more, it’s inspiring to read, think about and honor.Available July 7

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