Lift-It Manufacturing Named North American Master Distributor for Green Pin® Tycan® Synthetic Chain

> Van Beest B.V. – Sliedrecht, Netherlands has appointed Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc. – Pomona, CA as the North American Master Distributor for Green Pin® Tycan® Synthetic Chain. Tycan® Synthetic Chain is manufactured from DSM Dyneema® DM-20, the preferred fiber for demanding industrial applications. Weight for Weight, DM20 is 8 times

stronger than steel making lightweight Tycan® Chain a viable alternative for appropriate load handling and load securement applications. After a very rigorous testing, auditing and verification process, Green Pin® Tycan® Synthetic Load Handling Chain has received DNV-GL type approval, a prestigious achievement. Chris Keffer, Van Beest-Managing

Director -USA & Canada commented, “The Lift-It management team has done a spectacular job as our West Coast regional warehouse for Green Pin® shackles and fittings. Tycan® Synthetic Chain will be well served by Lift-It and their team of North American Master Distributors who will do much more than simply sell Tycan® products, but provide training as well as documenting the ongoing value propositions that make Tycan® Chain the adjustable option for properly trained and informed riggers and transportation professionals”. Tycan® Synthetic Load Handling Chain

and Tycan® Chain components are used to fabricate Single, Double, Triple and Four Leg - Adjustable Chain Sling Assemblies with capacities ranging from 3,400 to 23,000 lbs. Load handling chain assemblies feature a 5/1 design factor. Lashing Chain Assemblies feature a 3/1 design factor and are available in 11,021 and 14.990 Work Load Limits. Lightweight Tycan® Chain dramatically increases productivity with less effort, injury, and time. The value proposition of Tycan® truly make dollars and sense for the rigging and transportation industries.” Lift-It CEO, Michael J. Gelskey stated,

“We are honored in our association with Van Beest and are extremely excited about this revolutionary product. We are putting together a Tycan-NA Team of Master Distributors who are the crème de la crème of the North American rigging market to provide immediate service and market coverage.” y

Chant Engineering Introduces the Puratizer, a new N95 Mask Sanitizing Unit in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

> Chant Engineering Co. Inc., an essential manufacturing company, has been an innovator and industry leader of quality machinery for five decades. At this unique time in our history Chant introduces a new branded company, Puratize™ LLC to address critical needs in the healthcare industry. In response to the global COVID-19

pandemic and the shortage of N95 masks and PPE in our supply chain, Chant felt the need to help. Using our highly skilled engineering staff we have designed the Puratizer, a low-cost portable mask sanitizer unit to quickly sanitize masks in just five minutes. Using this unit, masks can be reused up to 10 times per mask. This will not only save costs on PPE

purchases but will also help alleviate the current supply chain shortages. “It’s really been an amazingly crazy six

weeks, from concept to prototype, to having it tested at the local hospital and now ready and in production. But that’s what small businesses like ours can do.” said Philip Chant, President of Chant Engineering. “We are excited to announce the Puratize™

LLC brand and this new, easy to operate, lightweight and compact unit that uses UVC LED technology to give masks a full coverage UVC dosage in just five minutes. The unit is fast and capable of sanitizing up to 20 masks per hour.” said Christi Chambers, Marketing Coordinator for Chant. Puratize™ LLC products are made in the

U.S.A. in Chant Engineering’s New Britain, PA facility. The Puratizer sanitizer unit weighs only 7.5 lbs. and is about the size of a small overnight suitcase. It is simple to use and takes just 4 easy steps. The Puratizer automatically stops after the 5-minute sanitization cycle is over. The masks are then ready for reuse. For more information please visit: y

The Crosby Group Names General Manager, Load Monitoring

> The Crosby Group has appointed Thomas Dietvorst general manager, load monitoring, as David Ayling, the former owner of the

Straightpoint (SP) company steps into a consultancy role. (Photo: Thomas Dietvorst (left), general

manager, load monitoring and former Straightpoint owner David Ayling outside the company’s Hampshire, UK facility.) Dietvorst will take the reins at SP’s

manufacturing facility and headquarters, co-located in Hampshire, UK that became Crosby’s center of excellence for load monitoring and measurement following the January 2019 acquisition. He will report to Jason Colwell, managing director, EMEA at Crosby. Ayling, meanwhile, will transition from his temporary role as global business development director for load monitoring solutions to long-term consultant. Dietvorst said: “There is no replacing

someone who has lived the company for 20 years. I’m not trying to be the new Mr. Loadlink [Ayling’s blogging pseudonym]. The new leadership role is suited to my skillset, not David’s; we’re different, but very similar. I wouldn’t be equipped to do what he does and vice versa. Our priority is to retain SP’s ‘secret sauce’, which is based on being agile, mobile and customer orientated. We’re looking at adding even more data and processes to the operation; there’s always room for improvement.” Dietvorst, 30, was previously strategic

marketing manager at Crosby, based in Belgium, having joined the company two


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