1. Side of Hand 2. Beginning of Eyebrow

3. Side of Eye 4. Under Eye 5. Under Nose 6. Chin 7. Collarbone 8. Under Arm 9. Top of Head

Chin: Everyone is in the same boat. Collarbone: Are they feeling anxious? Under Arm: I hope they’re ok. Top of Head: I wish I could help. Take a deep breath, and continue Tapping:

Side of Hand: Even though I still feel a little anxious, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself anyway. Even though I’m still worried about the future, I choose to remember that we are all going through this together.

Eyebrow Point: What if I could be ready to let go of this anxiety?

Side of Eye: What if I could choose to stay in the present?

Under Nose: Anxiety about the future. Chin: Seems like everyone is anxious. Collarbone: All this anxiety. Under Arm: The future is so unknown.

Top of Head: When will Coronavirus be over?

Eyebrow Point: I feel it in my body. Side of Eye: I’m worried about the future. Under Eye: What will the future bring? Under Nose: It makes me anxious.

Under Eye: I’m in the present and I’m ok. Under Nose: I can only be in the present. Chin: Right here, right now, I’m ok. Collarbone: I’m ok. Under Arm: I feel safe.

Top of Head: I wonder if I’m ready to let go of the anxiety and worry about the future.

Eyebrow Point: It doesn’t serve me to carry around the anxiety and worry.

Side of Eye: I’m ready to let go of worry and anxiety from my body.

Under Eye: I let it all go from every cell in my body.

Under Nose: I’m releasing the anxiety and worry from my body and mind now.

Chin: I’m safe right here right now. Collarbone: I feel my body relaxing.

Under Arm: Those feelings are gone from my body.

Top of Head: I fill my body and mind with peace and calm.

How do you feel? Did your rating 0 – 10 reduce from where it started?

My hope is that this experience with

EFT Tapping was a positive one and that you’ll continue to use this powerful and simple technique as your go-to tool in your life’s toolbox. Please let me know your thoughts about this EFT Tapping experience at

Karen St. ClairiIs a highly skilled Advanced Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner, PSYCH- K® Facilitator, Matrix Re- Imprinting Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master of Masters and

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8 ELM®

Maine - May/June 2020

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