Publisher's letter I

never thought I would be writing a publisher’s letter quite like this one. In the span of a little over a month, our lives have been turned upside

down. Even this issue is “upside down” in that we are publishing it digitally only in May and going to print for June. I certainly never thought that would happen either! But as many of you know, I am always looking for the positive and I believe we have been given an incredible opportunity with COVID-19.

For us here at ELM Maine, it’s allowed us to expand our digital reach in

an amazing way! I started hosting daily live Zoom Lunch & Learn interviews with our expert writers and advertisers discussing strategies on coping with COVID-19 from a health/relationship/fi nancial perspective to uplifting topics related to how to lead a healthy and conscious lifestyle. We launched a Vir- tual Holistic Networking group for holistic practitioners and business owners to meet monthly and discuss best practices and how to support eachother. We’ve been supporting as many businesses as we can by helping get the word out about their virtual services and online classes. While it doesn’t replace the connection we feel at a live event or face to face meeting, at least we can still “see” eachother during this diffi cult time.

Change for many brings elements of fear. Sometimes it may feel as if things are being ripped away from us even if it’s something we’ve asked for or have outgrown. As creatures of habit, we feel more comfortable when things stay the same and when we know what to expect. But that doesn’t allow for growth. In order for us to evolve, we must accept that change is necessary and we must look at it as a benefi cial thing. We must learn to allow people and things to fl ow in and out of our lives without trying to hold on too tight. I believe if we can do this, we will all come out of this better than before.

In Health and Happiness, Maine O

ur mission is to provide valuable insight, information and resources that will allow our readers to maintain a healthy, active, sustainable lifestyle. Essential Living Maine contains timely in for ma tion on nat u ral health, complementary and alternative medicine, nu tri tion, fi tness, per son al growth, green liv ing, and the products and services that support good health.

PUBLISHER Dr. Diane Hayden




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