Happy Spring everyone. After one of the wettest winters that I can remember, it is comforting to think that we are heading towards longer and lighter days.

What better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than the birth of new lambs. In this issue we talk to Farmer Martin at Bocketts Farm Park about the arrival of new lambs and the specialist care they need. With 600 on the farm, you may be one of the lucky visitors who gets to see one born there this Spring.

It wouldn’t be Spring without a rundown of all of our favourite Easter Hunts and Trails. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. So you can pick a nature trail or an historic palace for your hunting. The full guide is on page 8.

We love hearing from local families or groups who want to contribute to the magazine. We have spoken

to Tom Underwood, chair of MyRaynesPark, on how the festival will be trying to encourage families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) this year. The festival organisers are keen to hear what else they can do to make the festival accessible, so please do get in touch with the team if you have ideas. Turn to page 28 to read more about their plans.

Turn to page 26 to read an article written by author and local mum Ekaterina on why Greek mythology is such an important source of inspiration for children. We were also delighted to be asked to speak to Oliver, one of the Eco Warriors at Holy Trinity Primary School. It is great to see children taking the lead on how to make the changes that we need to save our planet.

If you have an idea for our next issue, we would love to hear from you.


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Well done to all of our winners from the Winter issue. Family ticket to Cinderella at New Wimbledon Theatre – L. Busuttil, KT9; Family ticket to Stick Man – L. Wilson, KT1; Family ticket to Oi Frog and Friends – LZ, SW19; Copies of Henrietta Hen In Trouble Again – AM, TW11, S. Patel, KT6, C. Donnelly, KT1 and J. Talbot, TW11; Family tickets to Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink – Z. Adesuyan, SW20 and Yulia, SW20; Family ticket to London SEA LIFE Centre – S. Jittlar, SW19 and V. Ramesh, SW19. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for more exclusive competitions


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