Have you ever thought of becoming a host family for foreign students? Not only is it a great way to earn a little extra income, it can also be an opportunity to learn about different cultures. Time & Leisure Junior spoke to Cecilia Gregory who runs the Summer School of English in Wimbledon. Every year she needs a few more excellent host families in the local area.

What is the Summer

School of English? I run a small summer school each year from the end of June to mid August. We teach English as a Foreign Language to students aged 5-16. A few of the students aged 11 and above are placed with host families. Students are mainly European and their English improves dramatically if they can stay with a host family.

What is a host family? A host family takes in one or two foreign students for a period of 2-4 weeks. They are part of the family and take part in whatever activities you are doing - going to the park, shopping, eating or watching television.

Host families provide breakfast and dinner at home each day and a packed lunch from Monday to Saturday. Students are out all day from about 9am to 4/5pm and then out all Saturday from 9am to 5pm but are with the host family on Sunday.

Who can be a host family? Being a host family is ideal for families with young children

who may not be back at work or working part time. An adult needs to be at home when the students return from school each day.

All adults in the host family will be DBS checked and English needs to be the main language spoken at home.

Why be a host family? Many of our host families use the extra income to pay for summer holidays or to pay for activities over the holiday period. It’s also great experience for the host family to get to know children from another country and culture. Many become good friends and ask to return to the same family year after year!

Does it matter where host families live? As we are dealing with young students, host families need to be close to Wimbledon town centre. We have families in Wimbledon Park and Southfields as long as


they are near a bus route or the tube station. If you are unsure if your area is suitable you can get in touch with me directly to discuss your situation.

How much can a family earn? The amount paid will depend on the accommodation provided but will be between £240 and £260 per student per week. You are legally entitled to earn up to £7,500 a year in rental income before you have to start paying any tax. So depending on your circumstances, this could be tax-free income for your family.

If you would like to know more about becoming a host family, please get in touch with Cecilia Gregory for a chat.

Summer School of English Office: 12 Courthope Road, London SW19 7RD School: 38 St. Georges Road, London SW19 4ED Telephone: 0207 622 2485

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