Contents & Editorial F EATUR E S

4 How do you take your tea? The story of the nation’s favourite drink

8 A guide to Manchester’s coffee scene

10 Battling the winter blues Simple ways to keep your spirits up

14 Jenny Tsai Expat tech connector

19 A return to common sense Seeing facts outside our comfort zone

28 Finding the perfect home Six golden rules

30 Cycling in London Discover London’s parks


13 Health & Well-being Ditch the resolutions

16 Best of Britain Pub names

22 Food & Drink British comfort food

24 Education Research led projects

26 Business A new way of living

27 Art & Culture The Red House

33 FOCUS & me 34 Events & Seminars

Francine Bosco, Editor FOCUS The Magazine 3

For the second year in a row it seems we’re focusing on food and drink in the new year issue of our magazine. After all the indulging over the holiday season, many of us are thinking about detoxing and fasting and generally avoiding everything we enjoyed last month so it might seem a little perverse to do the opposite. Despite all the abstaining, there’s one thing Brits never surrender and that’s a cup of tea. Everyone associates Britain with tea, whether it’s the drink or the afternoon event, and our contributors, Capital Cabbie David Burnetts and Perfect Cuppa’s Victoria Rennoldson, look at all aspects of it, from the history of how it came to be the national drink to where to enjoy the best afternoon tea in London.

We’re not all about tea and not all about London either. Tere might not be much that Brits can tell the rest of the world about coffee that it doesn’t already know so we thought it would be fun to go head to head with the nation’s favourite drink. We venture out of London courtesy our contributor Nele van Hout to sample some of the best coffee houses in Manchester. We hope you enjoy our guide to where to get a good cup up North.

As for new year resolutions, Sarah Walford advises we drop them and I love her explanation why. Turn to page 12 to read her eminently sensible advice for a new approach to achieving your goals this year.

One of the most notable characteristics of this magazine is the variety of subjects we cover and this issue is no exception. We hope you enjoy the thought–provoking article on a return to common sense on page 19, as well as articles on cycling through London’s parks, research-led projects in schools, battling the winter blues, new ways of living in the sharing economy, a profile of expat tech connector Jenny Tsai and visit to William Morris’s Red House. It’s all rounded out with our Events & Seminars at which we look forward to seeing you.

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