International influencer

A world traveller from childhood, Jenny Tsai has always been curious about the connections between people and places. As the CEO of Wearisma, a marketing and influencer platform Tsai founded in London in 2014, this entrepreneur has had ample opportunity to nurture that interest and work with people all over the globe and from too many backgrounds to count.

Tsai gradually made her way to the UK to study at Cambridge after an already im- pressive history of international travel. Born in Taiwan and raised in Canada, Tsai decided to study in the United States be- fore moving her education overseas. Tis experience with different views on living and learning has informed her decisions and encouraged her tendency to under- stand how people construct their lives. “I’ve always enjoyed building things,” she smiles, and her degree in development cou- pled with her training in engineering is a testament to this truth. When asked about the work Wearisma

does, Tsai’s face lights up. “We provide technology and insights to help our global brands’ clients” in areas ranging from fash- ion to travel, “make investment decisions and measure their impact in influencer marketing”. In effect, Wearisma connects

14 FOCUS The Magazine January/February 2020

individual influencers and global brands by streamlining the matching process through technology so that brands can make in- formed decisions about their advertising in and impact on communities across the globe. Tsai’s love of building shines through her company’s dedication to strengthening online platforms and assem- bling a reputation of international trust for her clients. “I really saw first-hand from my experi-

ence in the media industry how social media has grown and is growing, ab- solutely massively, and that really made me think of whether or not any brands had the tools to use in order to operate in this space,” she says. Such forward thinking has come to be the norm in Tsai’s work- place as she and her team work to provide the best services available in branding matchmaking.

Her diverse education in policy, training

as an engineer and subsequent work in the media industry truly gives her a well- balanced perspective on the practical and human elements necessary for her line of work. “I really appreciate the power of human creativity on one hand as well as the data and analytics side of things,” Tsai explains. Tis variety has served her well as she has connected to different people from across the world, all of whom think about the world in different ways. “It was very important to build together a team to make sure that the product itself is very human-centric”, accessible for every user and still effectively “powered by as much data as is relevant”. One way Tsai’s expat experience has

come in handy in her quest for a human- centric and accessible product is her habit of picking up the languages of the places

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