FOCUS & ME Yulduz Yunusova

Our family is originally from Uzbekistan. We relocated to London in 2018 from Texas and it was our first time in the UK. Right after our arrival, my husband and I were busy arranging things: getting our son into new school, finding a new home, exploring transportation system, healthcare and so on. We had lots of questions.

We discovered FOCUS through my husband’s employer. The company kindly arranged a membership for us. I really liked the way it sounded and I am glad we signed up.

I want to share how FOCUS team has helped me to create positive first impression of London.

FOCUS’s office is located in a beautiful area. On my way there, I walked through the gorgeous Kensington Gardens for the first time. Later, I brought my family there and my son enjoyed riding his bike. On the first seminar, we met the team members and introduced ourselves to each other. It was interesting since there were people from different parts of the world. We all could engage and share our experiences. By the end of the session, we were able to sign up for a career workshop.

Next time I arrived at a seminar I was greeted by a team member – Maria Renzi – who addressed me by my name with a big smile; I thought it was very welcoming, especially for people who just arrived to a new city and knew just a few people yet.

Later, there were impressive networking events. One of them was a breakfast at Victoria & Albert museum, at the world’s first museum café. Here, I met FOCUS members who have shared with me useful information and tips. After the breakfast, the team members recommended exploring the museum. And so we did. It was a delightful beginning of the day and acquaintance with London.

As a student, I really wanted to see Claude Monet’s Water Lilies. FOCUS made that happen for me by sending us Christie’s invitations for 20th Century Impressionist and Modern Art.

“thre were impresive ntwoking eents… It wa a deligtful

bgning o th day and acquaintanc wih London”

Throughout the year, we attended seminars held by professionals on different subjects such as: “Boost your job search with an effective LinkedIn profile” or “Mindfulness and breathing techniques”. Team members gave us tips on travelling, cultural events, kids’ activities, how to register with NHS etc. I still receive newsletters from Victoria Rennoldson from Perfect Cuppa English from where I get ideas and life hacks on English language and British culture.

At the moment, I am attending courses to become a volunteer for a comm- unity parents project. I also have a personal blog in Instagram (@read_on_style) on book reviews, bookshops and libraries. I am grateful for all support I have received from the FOCUS team.

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