EVENTS & SEMINARS FOCUS Events & Seminars CAREER Introduction to Career Development Programme

Tuesday, 14th January 11:00–12:30 Free for members and non-members Whether you are looking to explore a new career while in the UK or to pursue an established one, this Introduction will help you kick start your search. Denise Donoghue, FOCUS career consultant, will provide detailed information about our Career Workshops, one-to-one coaching and career-related seminars. This is the perfect opportunity to meet Denise, network with other FOCUS members and start sharing your own career narrative. Early registration is recommended because this is a very popular programme and spaces are limited.

Career Workshops

Tuesday, 21st and 28th January and 4th and 11th February. Explorers 9:45–11:45, Fast-Trackers 12:30–14:30

Free – FOCUS members only This is a comprehensive 4-week programme (2hr/week) where participants are split into two groups, ‘Explorers’ and ‘Fast-Trackers’, depending on their career goals. Presented by Denise Donoghue, this programme has an outstanding track record of providing job seekers with all the practical knowledge and networks needed to successfully find a career in the UK. 96% of previous participants would highly recommend this programme. Attendance at all four sessions as well as the Introduction on the 14th January is required.

Boost your job search with an effective LinkedIn profile

Thursday 30th January 10:30–12:30 Free for members, £25 for non-members We are delighted to welcome back Benedicte Gariel, career coach and job search advisor, after a very well received seminar in October. Learn some tips on the dos and don’ts when you create your LinkedIn profile. Benedicte will also explain how to make your profile efficient, in order to use it as a powerful networking and marketing tool.

Successful job search and interview techniques

Thursday, 13th February sounds 10:30–12:30 Free for members, £25 for non-members Don’t miss this insider’s guide to recruitment with practical tips on how to successfully find a job in the UK. Vince Pizzoni, Associate Professor at Nottingham University and Executive Search Consultant at Preng & Associates, will uncover secrets for a successful interview. He will also share his personal experiences regarding good and bad interview techniques as well as explain how to best deal with a gap in your CV during an interview.

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