Tips to Boost Your Immunity


hile many people may find themselves succumbing to the common cold and other respi-

ratory illnesses that are so prevalent in the winter, there are several things you can do (and not do) to help keep yourself in top form. Some may not even seem to be an important part of staying healthy, but they are.

When it comes to averting sickness,

even while all around you people might be coughing, sneezing and blowing their

noses, successfully running the gauntlet of flu season may be simply a matter of keep- ing your immune system boosted by ap- plying a few key health strategies. Besides going to school and work, times your immune system might be especially com- promised include when you travel or are sleep deprived or stressed out. These are times you want to make sure your immune system is at its best. Nutrition may be the most vital com- ponent in maintaining — or gaining — a

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healthy immune system. It makes all the difference in the way your body fights off germs, but just as importantly, plays an important role in more minute functions like helping tissues repair and rebuild themselves and how your body reclaims flagging energy.

Foods (and the Nutrients Therein) to Boost Your Immune System Not just vitamins and minerals, but proteins like collagen and free radical- fighting antioxidants can be introduced to your body through the foods you eat, and play vital roles in helping to keep your body functioning at its best. As the Chi- cago Tribune observes:

“Collagen and its amino acids are es-

sential to healing because they build tis- sues such as skin, muscles, tendons, liga- ments, cartilage, blood vessels, bones and more. Antioxidants remove the harmful free radicals from the bloodstream that can impair the immune system, and vitamins and minerals play specialized roles in heal- ing.”

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