BONES For LIFE® - Class Offered at Integrative Therapies in March


ones for Life® is a program to help strengthen and restore bone mass naturally. It is designed to address the deteriora-

tion of bone tissue through exploration of gentle and safe move- ment, and especially helpful for those dealing with osteoporosis/ osteopenia. Rather than using force to encourage growth in some bones, this program shows the body how to realign itself for maximum benefit to all bones in everyday activities. Increasing both flexibility and stability, while improving the transmission of pressure from feet to head, it promotes the regeneration of bone tissue. Other benefits include restoring a natural uprightness and a springy walk with increased circulation. Anyone wishing to strengthen their bone structure and im-

prove the efficiency of daily movement is appropriate for this class. Participants do need to be able to get up and down from the floor. In the class our instructor approaches a number of movement tasks by using mindful exploration, pressure, rhythm and vibration. The information our bodies learn in these classes carries over into daily life, and will continue to encourage bone growth and strength in just about everything we do. Instructor - Betsy Oldenburg, Certified Bones for Life®

teacher. Class is being held on two Saturdays: Part I – March 14 and Part II – March 28 from 10 – 11:30AM. Total Fee of $48 is due upon registration. Registration deadline is March 6th.

For more information, or to register for this class. Please call In- tegrative Therapies at 336-294-0910. We are located at 7-E Oak Branch Drive in Greensboro. See ad page 7.

by-product of breaking down fats. These ketones cause blood acidity which causes "acidosis" of the blood, leading to Dia- betic Ketoacidosis (DKA), This is a very dangerous condition that can lead to coma and death. It is also called "diabetic aci- dosis", "ketosis", "ketoacidosis" or "dia- betic coma". DKA is a common way for new Type 1 diabetics to be diagnosed. If they fail to seek medical advice on symp- toms like urination, which is driving thirst they can die of DKA. Oral magnesium supplements reduce

If you have decided that being healthier in the new year is your goal, and are now seeking a starting point, then perhaps our li- censed nutritionist, Joyce Eury, RD may be of help, since she is also a certified Life Style Eating and Performance (LEAP) therapist. Please join Joyce on January 15th as she provides you with


the information “fuel” needed for a kickstart to a healthier you in 2020. Some of the key discussion points will include: boosting your metabolism; revealing ideas to embrace healthier eating without feeling overwhelmed; concentrating on foods one can easily add, as opposed to avoid; adding certain spices and herbs with significant health benefits; and much more. Give yourself a present in the New Year. Don’t miss this op- portunity to transform yourself into a healthier you in 2020!

erythrocyte dehydration. In general, opti- mal balances of electrolytes are necessary to maintain the best possible hydration. Diabetic thirst is initiated specifically by magnesium deficiency with relative cal- cium excess in the cells. Even water, our most basic nutrient starts having a hard time getting into the cells with more going out through the kidneys.

Register for this class by Monday, January 13 by calling 336-294- 0910. $15 class fee is due upon registration via phone or in person. Integrative Therapies is located at 7E Oak Branch Dr. in Greensboro. Visit See ad page 7.

Autism and Magnesium Deficiency When dealing with autism spectrum and other neurological disorders in chil- dren it is important to know the signs of low magnesium: restless, can't keep still, body rocking, grinding teeth, hiccups, noise sensitive, poor attention span, poor concentration, irritable, aggressive, ready

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523 State Street • Greensboro 336.334.0044 January 2020 11 Kickstart The New Year to a Healthier You! January 15th Nutritional Solutions: 2020. It’s Here. Are You? J

oin Lina Landess on Jan 23 at Integrative Therapies to help uncover your answer. Does 2020 refer to just another year or possibly your sight? Select the concept of sight, and instead of measuring visual acuity, let 2020 represent the year that your inner vision, intentions, resolutions, and attention become stron- ger . . . so crystal clear that your life will be forever transformed? A tall order, perhaps, but Mindfulness practice offers all that and more. Just as when we look at an eye test chart, Mindfulness practice invites us to bring our full attention to what is in front of us; to truly see what we see; to experience our experience— whether it’s a thought, a sound, a touch, a taste, a sight or any other encounter. Mindfulness is, in many ways, a reality check, inviting us to see what is true in the moment.

to explode, easily stressed. When it comes to children today we need to assume a large magnesium deficiency for several reasons.

1) The foods they are eating are stripped of magnesium because foods in general, as we shall see below are declining in mineral content in an alarming way.

Whether we feel stressed or relaxed depends on our ability to notice the present. The more we notice, the more we are able to choose our response. From that calm place of acceptance we

can choose to revive the stress or we can remain calm. Thanks up hurting more than they help for many to Mindfulness training, we can transform our experience of life

by recognizing the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and opinions that have been informing and limiting our experience. magnesium levels when they should be driving them up. Many if not most phar

total ignorance of magnesium doctors end of the medical interventions drive down

We can’t expect the world to change so that we can be hap- pier or less stressed, but we can choose these emotional re- sponses no matter what is happening around us. Mindfulness practice helps us make that choice.

2) The foods many children eat are highly processed junk foods that do not provide real nutrition to the body.

t’s a new year! Are you totally inspired or a bit overwhelmed now that the consumption during the holidays has subsided?

This 7-week Mindfulness series begins Thursday, January 23, from 6:30-7:30pm with author, Lina Landess, Holistic Health & Trauma Release Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator. Cost is $18/session. Early Bird Special of $105/7sessions

ends January 9. Register by calling 336-294-0910 or stopping by the Front Desk. Integrative Therapies is located at 7-E Oak Branch

3) Because most children on the spec- trum are not absorbing the minerals they need even when present in the gut. Magnesium absorption is dependent on intestinal health, which is compromised totally in leaky gut syndromes and other intestinal problems that the majority of autism syndrome disorders.

4) Because the oral supplements doctors rely on are not easily absorbed, because they are not in the right form and be- cause magnesium in general is not ad- ministered easily orally.

Modern medicine is supposed to help people not hurt them, but with their almost

in the martial arts of Judo, Ju-Jitsu, and Aikido. Research proves that fear of falling leads to more falls. By learning controlled fall- ing techniques, we reduce that fear. Preparation for accidents reduces the chance of injury, since fall injuries can lead to loss of independence, or worse. This workshop features conditioning for the entire body and


reduces fragility. People from 18 to 83 have participated and graduated with renewed confidence! Learn these time-tested techniques from martial arts expert Eric Reiss.

Drive, GSO, NC 27407. See ad page 7.

Falling Workshop: The Art of Injury Prevention Saturday, February 8

maceutical drugs drive magnesium levels into very dangerous zones and surgery done without increasing magnesium levels is much more dangerous then surgery done with.

ractice safe falling techniques and learn how to protect your- self from injury! The Art of Falling, or Breakfalls, is practiced

The foundation of medical arrogance is actually medical ignorance and the only reason ignorance and arrogance rule the playing field of medicine is a greed lust for power and money. Human nature seems to be at its worst in modern medicine when it should be at its best. It is sad that people have to suffer needlessly and extraordi- narily tragic that allopathic medicine has turned its back on the Hippocratic Oath and all that it means.

Saturday, February 8, 9:00 - 10:30 am. Evergreens Lifestyle Cen- ter 1401 Benjamin Parkway Greensboro, NC 27408. Fee: 25.00 by February 6. REGISTER AT (336) 373-4816 EXT 280. Visit the Events page at: to view the flyer.

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