hemlocks killed. The hemlock is also found near the Piedmont Triad, scattered here and there as far as Cary, NC, but mainly natu- rally found west of us specifically nearest us in Stokes County in Hanging Rock State Park (and westward) and along the high ridges of the Dan River’s in Danbury, NC. If you’ve ever paddled the section of the Dan near Hemlock Golf Course, you can see the ghostly remains of dead hemlocks if you look up high onto the ridges. You can see them again as you drive into Hanging Rock State Park, according to the Stokes County Forest Ranger, Johnathan Young, the HR hemlocks have been being treated since the late 90’s, in 2017 HRI started helping with the state park’s restoration efforts. Since 2017, over 2,527 trees have been treated in the park.

Stokes, according to Margo with HRI,

was the first NC county to report infestation by the HWA in 1997 due to the county’s close proximity to Virginia (where the in- festation was already established). The genetic uniqueness of the Hanging Rock/ Danbury area trees are important Margo says in helping establish and continue biodiversity which gives the trees more protection against the parasite. According to Alex Harvey, founder of P.H.H. A.T., the carbon storage impact of

hemlocks that have been saved is stagger- ing. Of 2,098 trees treated, over 2,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide has been seques- tered (stored) - that is 40 tonnes each year. That is a lot of captured carbon dioxide and oxygen production! Perhaps you are not an extreme hiker or paddler and may never get into the highly inaccessible areas in our western NC forests to see these old magnificent giants, but the next time you drive the Blue Ridge Parkway and see the “gray ghosts” of the forests, think about their fight and if you’d like to become involved in any way, check out the organizations below. There may be less strenuous areas that have hemlocks in need, and there are many ways to contribute to a great cause, certainly saving these important species of trees is a GREAT cause!

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If you own land with hemlocks on it,

or even just forested land, you can obtain a Forest Stewardship Certification for ac- complishing good management and stew- ardship and maximizing the benefits of your forest. Contact: NC Forest Service:

JoAndra (Jo) Proia is the monthly Outdoor Writer for Natural Triad. Her nature writing and nature poetry has been published in several outdoor magazines and she pub- lished her first guidebook,“Piedmont Lakes” in the spring of 2017. She is a the VP of Programming for Get:Outdoors and founder of Women on the Water in Greens- boro and is an ACA Certified Kayak and SUP Instructor & Guide with Get:Outdoors Paddlesports. She can be reached at jo. or LIKE her page at enonthewater or Instagram: #gowomenon- thewater. She is an avid paddler and was fortunate enough to accompany a local group from Greensboro organized by local paddling legend Joe Berry, as part of P.H.H.A.T. and HRI on a treatment pad- dling trip on the Lower Green River in Sa- luda, NC in November. Their team of 30 paddlers treated 199 trees that day.

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