Ron Williams

EICF Transfer Process to Belgium Complete

On the 16 of October and at their new EICF registered address (Rue Washington 40, Brussels), the final meetings of the EICF UK organization and the first meeting of the EICF AISBL took place finalizing all legal formalities that have completed the transfer process of the Federation from the UK to Belgium. This accomplishment was due in line with the planning and has been a fluent and smooth process. The EICF now based in Brussels adopts the legal

form of AISBL (Association internationale sans but lucratif / International Non-Profit Organization) in accordance with the Belgian law, being approved as an organization of social interest by a Royal Decree. The EICF AISBL held its first meeting as a Belgian

company reviewing the transfer completion and the ordinary course of business with special emphasis in the organization of the 30th EICF International Conference and Exhibition to be held in Austria (Bregenz) next May 2020. It was a general consensus among Board members, the satisfaction of having completed this process providing with a certainty foundation for the Federation operations.

Recognized with ICME EJ Fox Medal Award

Last 12 of October, the British Institute of Cast Metals Engineers (ICME) held its traditional awards luncheon where the 2019 ICME National Awards were presented. Mr. Ron Williams, Managing Director of the Blayson Group and long standing EICF Board member, was recognized with the EJ Fox Medal Award. This prestigious award was instituted by the Institute of British Foundrymen at their thirty third annual conference held in Glasgow in 1936. The EJ Fox Medal was established to recognize for services and outstanding work in connection with metallurgy particularly with reference to Foundry Metallurgy. This certainly couldn´t be more true in the person of Ron Williams, said Carlos Olabe (EICF Executive Director) when presenting the award in the presence of Mr. Steve Hill (ICME President). This award to Ron Williams recognizes the remarkable contribution to the global Investment Casting industry of Blayson, both with its excellent products and not to forget their Market studies and analyses of so much value to understand the insight of the Investment Casting business. Ron commented that it was a privilege and honour to

receive this Award from the Institute and to be recognised by his peers within the industry. The National Awards ceremony took place at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley (United Kingdom).

November 2019 ❘ 17 ®

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