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2019 INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR A W Bell Machinery Pty Ltd T

he 2019 Innovator of the Year award was presented to W Bell Machinery Pty Ltd of


Australia for their work in the field of post cast processing equipment at the Investment Casting Institute’s 66th Annual

Technical Conference and

Exposition in St. Louis, MO. In the space of just two years, A W Bell

innovation has driven

Machinery to release 7 completely new machine models to the investment casting industry.

This increases the

standard machine offering from 11 up to 18 different models, an enormous increase in such a small period of time. A W Bell Machinery are in their

35th year of manufacturing equipment exclusively for the investment casting industry.

of close collaboration with

This rapid expanse of new equipment models has been a direct result

customers to identify their emerging needs. These are the main driving forces to this need for innovative new equipment: 1. Safety – New processing methods are required to overcome dangerous operations.

2. Environment – Containment of dust and fumes is of particular focus.

12 ❘ November 2019 ®

3. Efficiency – Automation and process control are key drivers to the foundry of today.

4. Products – The industry capabilities are expanding and the equipment must evolve to meet the new processing needs of these larger and/or more complex components. A W Bell Machinery is rapidly

changing the way the industry views the after cast department. Key to this innovation is the collaboration that A W Bell Machinery has had with their customers, in many cases, providing complete turn-key solutions with fixture design and production run-offs prior to customer acceptance. A W Bell’s RGS850 machine was

first introduced into the market in 2017. A programmable profile grinder for high volume and complex castings.


following are case studies focused on one particular model that showcases the high level of innovation displayed across the A W Bell range.

In every case,

these new machines represent a safety improvement over existing equipment, replacing manual grinding operations. Increased automation also allows for better process control and improved efficiency.

Depuy Synthes – Medical Sector The RGS850 machine was installed at Depuy Raynham facility to replace manual grinding operations.


machine was required to grind 194 different part numbers.

A W Bell

Dolphin Incorporated – Commercial Sector Three RGS850 machines were installed into Dolphin Inc. to replace existing manual finishers. The RGS850 machines have been utilised to remove heavy gate material, largely from flat gated parts, however the profile capability has also been utilised on stepped gate castings. A W Bell Machinery provided Dolphin with initial fixtures and programming with follow up training to enable Dolphin to successfully implement these machines into their process. “Based on the design and training

received from AW Bell fixturing changes are quick and painless. The concept for fixturing new parts is economical. The RGS850 with its self-contained design and dust capture capabilities has made our finishing department a much cleaner place,” stated Pete Poleon, Dolphin Incorporated.

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