November 2019 Page 9 Collaboration update

BlueJeans has reimagined meeting practice and proce- dures. Zoom has added func- tionality to its UC solution and addressed the company’s current relationship with the channel.

AV News Awards deadline looms!

With less than a month re- maining to submit nomina- tions for the AV News Awards 2020, marketing managers and public relations repre- sentatives are encouraged to submit their nominations via the web form at: https://form. jotforme/9209483775373. Nominations will close on the 1st December 2019. The an- nouncement of the winners and presentation of the Awards will be made on the first morn- ing of ISE 2020 in the RAI Amsterdam. The theme of the event will be a ‘Thank you to Amsterdam’, with video and audio highlights edited from content gathered from previous events in the venue.

Please complete a separate web form for each Nomination. You will receive an email as proof of receipt. Please com- plete the web form as fully as possible.

The closing date for nominations for the AV News Awards 2020 is the 1st December 2019. Submit nominations here: : https://form. jotforme/9209483775373 .


Projection technology from BenQ is at the centre of an art installation by world-renowned digital artist Charles Sandison, showcased at the HdM GALLERY in central London.


Sandison, which reveal the transformative effects of light and language, evolving as the structures that form the words, multiply in many different lan- guages.

Sandison has employed Arti- ficial Intelligence to create lan- guage that interacts with itself, in a thought experiment. The temporary installation at The HdM GALLERY, a leading con-


Logitech Tap bundles now shipping via Maverick AV Solutions

Logitech_Ad_AV_News_TAP_266x40_0619.indd 1 28.06.19 14:38

“To showcase the works of Charles Sandison with the support of BenQ projectors is an honour for the gallery. As a space which has a focus on promoting the work of Asian artists, having technology from a Korean manufacturer which has been specifically selected by a European artist is fantas- tic. Visitors to the exhibition have of course been enticed by

Finland where he is the for- mer head of Fine Art at Tam- pere. Sandison’s work is in the collections of many public museums from Denver to Par- is. He has also had many solo museum shows, most recently, Language is Dead (façade pro- jection) Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland

Page 12 Education strategies

AV News has attended a plethora of iFPD launches – the majority for the booming corporate market, some for the residual education mar- ket and the balance for both. Do the differences matter?

BenQ projects immersive art installation

Projection technology from BenQ is at the centre of an art installation by world-renowned digital artist Charles Sandison, showcased at the HdM GAL- LERY in central London. The exhibition

entitled The

Tyranny of Language, is a col- lection of digital artworks by

temporary gallery with a special focus on Contemporary Chinese Art, features eight TH67ST projectors integrated into the gallery space, each with indi- vidual media players.

Hadrien De Montferrand, Di- rector, HdM GALLERY, com- mented:

Sandison’s works, but have had no distractions from the pro- jectors themselves. The short throw projection has operated exceptionally well in the gallery space.”

Scottish born, Charles Sandi- son is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and now lives in

Exertis extends end-user marketing opportunities

Exertis has announced that it is extending its emailing tool to all resellers following successful trials. The tool en- ables resellers to send ready prepared e-shots to their end user targets via an easy to use portal. Rob Fitzsimons, Exertis, Head of UK Market- ing, said, “This is a low cost, highly efficient way for our resellers to generate leads for their business. We have received great support from our vendors, enabling us to prepare compelling messag- es, offers and promotions that our resellers can choose to take advantage of to gener- ate their own marketing cam- paigns. Our aim is to provide a constant flow of high-quali- ty content which can be sim- ply deployed by our custom- ers and targeted at their end users.”

Each managed campaign consists of an e-shot and a landing page which can be fully personalised with the reseller branding. Resellers obtain a full preview of the campaign and can opt for which campaign they wish to run and receive click through and open rate reporting. Ex- ertis already has over 100 re- sellers using the system and has successfully run a num- ber of campaigns featuring an array of leading vendors, with click through rates in ex- cess of 5%, almost twice the industry average₁. Themis Hemley, director at reseller BOSS said: “The recent ‘make the shift’ cam- paigns have enabled us to proactively communicate

this initiative to our customers and prospects converting it into a tangible sales opportunity. Whilst a proportion of our cus- tomers were aware of the move towards Windows 10, and the consequences, the campaign has had the effect of both cre- ating a sense of urgency and positioning BOSS as the special- ist, local business able to offer both advice and solutions. This has created a significant uplift in sales.” “To date we’ve generated in excess of £75,000 incremental sales as a direct result of the campaigns. We’ve already sup- plied over 120 new PCs and lap- tops across multiple brands, as well as related sales on software and services too. We’re really very keen to continue marketing this, and other campaigns, to our customer base and we’re delight- ed with the quality of the market- ing content and the results”. The portal and e-mailing plat- form are provided through In- Control Marketing, exclusively to Exertis in the IT distribution market. Resellers can find out more about the opportunity by emailing marketing@exertis.

https://www.campaignmon- email-marketing-benchmarks/

The direct channel to the industry

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