So Boris made it! He’s fulfilled his lifetime ambition and moved into Number 10. Was it ever in doubt? Well I’m on the record as stating that if he was in the Top Two in the Tory MPs’ vote, he would walk it with the Tory Membership, but he would never be one of the chosen two at Westminster, given his unpopularity in the Parliamentary Party.

So what do I know?! In my defence, I was not accounting for the new existence of the Brexit Party and its brilliant showing in the European Elections. Those Tory MPs looked at their constituency majorities being divided by Farage et al thus giving those keys to the Black Door to Corbyn by default and so voting for Boris became a contagious job-preservation scheme!


It is no secret that the Blonde Bombshell’s hero is Churchill, a successful wartime leader, but a comparatively poor peacetime PM. Those who voted for Boris (and it has to be said, many more in the UK) are looking for those same successful leadership qualities in the two great battles ahead, but his abilities to deliver rewards in “peacetime” are questionable. Let us hope that, like Ronald Reagan in the White House, he surrounds himself with clever results-deliverers.

Johnson’s first task is to deliver for the People the thing that the Political Class have denied them for three years: Brexit. He faces formidable opposition.

Corbyn and his Marxist, anti-Semite courtiers have put party ambition first, second and third, with the country taking the hindmost.

The Liberal Democrats are a contradiction in nomenclature: what on earth is democratic about campaigning against the stated will of the electorate in an exercise in They say that the British People never voted to be poorer. Well, Cameron’s government spent £9.4m of taxpayers’ money spelling it out before the Referendum; putting freedom ahead of economic risk is a British trait. And dire warnings from experts about the death of the first born by Friday week should we have the temerity to leave the EU have been wrong many times before.

Some Tory MPs are so committed to Remain that they are signalling they will act to bring on a General Election and thus rather risk a hard left, confiscatory, hate-fuelled, anti-US, anti-NATO, anti-capitalism government than support a Conservative one which delivered Brexit.

And that’s before he talks to the unaccountable, unelected bullies in Brussels! Putting right in three months the last three years of sabotage and faffing about is a tall order.

Stating that the UK will leave on 31st October whatever (including No Deal) is brave, but essential. Preparing and spending money to do so is exactly what we should have been doing for the past three years. It is telling that Barnier, the EU negotiator, said the other day that not once in all the negotiations had anyone from the British side mentioned leaving with No Deal. All he had to do was keep saying “No” and the Remainers and the Establishment Elite kept increasing the price we would have to pay. How to negotiate on the British side...NOT!

Now Brussels is very worried, for it desperately does not want to be blamed for No Deal. It would be an economic disaster for the EU in many ways and only now is that reality sinking in. The EU is losing its second-largest member. The UK makes budget contributions equal to 19 small members combined! Britain is Germany’s biggest trading partner. They badly need a deal. Oh...and a question for Brussels... if neither the Irish government nor the UK one will put soldiers or police on the Irish border, then who will? The Eurocrats? Your call Monsieur!

Why can’t so many MPs understand you never ever win a negotiation when the other side knows you’ll never walk away!

So Boris championing The People against The Politicians? We’re in for an interesting few weeks!

And BJ’s other battle? A General Election pitching democratic capitalism against the most hard left and hate-driven party the country has ever seen as an alternative government.

He needs to win the battle for ideas:

• He hasn’t said he’d cut taxes directly for the highest paid, but he has said a Head Teacher of a London Comprehensive should not be paying top-rate income tax. He wants to raise the threshold at which people pay the 40% rate from £50,000 to £80,000.



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