September 2019 Page 8 Productivity in collaboration

With government figures cast- ing doubt on the productivity of office workers – despite the rapid adoption of collab- oration and agile working. We ask, how can we make collab- oration genuinely productive?

The Wall Pro microLED display is here!

PSCo (part of the Midwich Group), a leading trade-only rental and LED distribution business, is delighted to an- nounce that Samsung’s The Wall Pro microLED display can be seen for the first time in the UK, at this year’s Technology

new era of microLED display technologies that are set to com- pletely re-shape the display mar- ket as we know it.” Liam Winter, Head of LED at PSCo comment- ed: “PSCo represents Samsung UK as its exclusive LED special- ist distribution, and we’re proud

Page 16 Voice control in signage

Voice-activation is on the cusp of adoption in digital signage, and while there are undoubtedly technical issues to be resolved, these are trivi- al in comparison to the social and political challenges.

Zoom to provide streaming

technology for AV News Awards interactive.

Zoom Video Communications has reached an agreement with the AV News Awards to a larg- er-than-usual live audience by providing access to its webi- nar technology. Zoom’s latest Zoom Video Webinar apps and functionality are designed to help build deeper relationships with webinar attendees. These apps connect some of the most popular marketing and survey tools to Zoom Video Webinars adding the potential to make the Awards event even more

Nominations for the AV News

Awards 2020 opened on the 1st August and will close on the 1st December 2019. The announcement of the winners and presentation of the Awards will be made on the first morn- ing of ISE 2020 in the RAI Amsterdam. The theme of the event will be a ‘Thank you to Amsterdam’, with video and audio highlights edited from content gathered from previous events in the venue.

ViewSonic to sponsor 2020

AV News Awards ViewSonic became the latest market-leading manufacturer or distributor to sponsor the AV News Awards 2020, join- ing Acquire, CTouch, Exertis, NEC, Peerless-AV, Promet- hean, PSCo, Sahara, Shure, ViewSonic, Vivitek, and Zoom.

Samsung’s The Wall is much anticipated and can be seen at the Midwich Technology Xposed event this month.

Xposed event on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th Sep- tember, at Ascot Racecourse. Samsung’s The Wall Pro represents the future of LED technology. Featuring


generation microLED technolo- gy, The Wall Pro builds on the success of the market leading Samsung IF Series, combining innovative LED HDR technolo- gy with cutting-edge micro size colour-enhancing LED chips for an incredibly true-to-life visual experience.

Andrew Douglas, Product Man- ager of Samsung, commented: “The Wall Pro represents a de- fining moment, as we enter a

to add The Wall Pro as the lat- est in cutting-edge LED display technology we’ve made available to our customers, as part of our market leading LED line-up. Now in its 10th year, Midwich’s flagship annual event, Technolo- gy Xposed attracts over 1500 visitors over the two days and showcases the latest and great- est technologies from over 50 of the world’s leading vendors, in- cluding headline sponsor, Sam- sung. Technology Xposed 2019 is free to attend for resellers and their end-user guests.

Double AV News Award Win- ner Stuart Warren-Hill will host The Holotronica Live 3D show later this month. The event is “described as a retro-futuris- tic synesthetic trip, merging sound and colour frequencies that feel as if they are jump- ing off screen, close enough to touch.”The 3D visual and audio content was developed over 5 years in conjunction with the invention of Hologauze screen. Behind both, performing live, is multi-award winning British Visu- al Artist and Electronic Compos- er, Stuart Warren-Hill, who has been pushing boundaries with electronic interactive works since the mid-1990s.

Creator of the seminal AV track, ‘Timber’ with Coldcut and Green-


Logitech Tap bundles now shipping via Maverick AV Solutions

Logitech_Ad_AV_News_TAP_266x40_0619.indd 1 28.06.19 14:38

This year’s theme for the AV News Awards presentation is a ‘Thank you to Amsterdam’, celebrating the ISE’s long tenancy in the RAI prior to the event’s move to Barcelo- na in 2021.

Holotronica live 3D show

peace in 1998, voted No1 VJ by DJ Magazine 2005 and crowned AV technologist of the year with an AV News Award in both 2015 and 2018, Stuart created the world’s first AV album on Ninja Tunes as one half of Hexstat- ic, as well as now creating the world’s first 3D AV album as Ho- lotronica. Stuart’s show will be at the British Science Festival for the first time, visitors are advised to put on the provided polarized 3D glasses and prepare to be stunned. Analogue synths and electronica blend with live 3D visuals as Stuart takes his au- dience on an all-encompassing journey through psychedelic space.

Absen showcased at Innovation House.

anniversary of PSCo’s exclusive distribution partnership with Absen.

The partnership, which was made official in 2014, has giv- en UK customers access to the latest LED displays with a dedi- cated local service centre and in- house technical support for both rental and fixed installations. Over the five years, PSCo, part of the Midwich Group, became the top Value-Added Distributor (VAD) in Absen’s European part- ner network. “We’re very excited to enter into a fifth year with PSCo as our exclusive distributor in the UK,” said Absen Europe’s Head of Brand and Marketing, Alex Cou- zins. “Our LED sales here have grown year-on-year since 2014 and that wouldn’t have been possible without PSCo helping our channel partners to get such easy access to Absen products locally. PSCo were also the first

the perfect base for delivering more technical training than ever before.” “The UK is one of Absen’s main markets, so finding the right partner was key,” said Couzins. “We’re so pleased that the partnership is going from strength to strength, thanks to PSCo offering our customers easy access and support for our products, not to mention the local three-year warranty, which includes repair down to a single pixel.” PSCo’s Director, Stuart Holmes, added: “With Absen, we always feel confident that we are offering our resellers a quality LED solution. They’ve built their reputation by offering an attractive price perfor- mance balance that makes quality LED more competitive and acces- sible than ever before.” The open- ing of Innovation House provided a showcase for Absen products and other brands available from PSCo, including NovaStar LED controllers, Epson, BrightSign, Unicol, NEC and Peerless-AV.

Absen and PSCo celebrate five-year partnership

Last month, PSCo hosted the ‘Innovation House Party’, a free event for rental partners that marked the opening of impres- sive new offices, training rooms, showroom and warehouse. The occasion also marked the fifth

partner in Europe to offer our now highly popular ACE training pro- gramme, helping customers get the most out of their LED deployments. The new Innovation House which has a dedicated showroom and fully functioning training rooms, provides

The direct channel to the industry

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