12 August 2019 Halesworth & Southwold Community News

Spot a once in a decade butterfly phenomenon

CHRIS Packham is urging wildlife lovers across Suffolk to take part in the world’s largest insect citizen science survey to help reveal

if the UK is

experiencing a once in a decade butterfly phenomenon.

Unusually high numbers of Painted Lady butterflies have been reported across Europe over the spring and early summer, with large numbers now spotted crossing over into the UK.

Around 100 sightings have already been reported across Suffolk, including 10 Painted Lady butterflies seen near Dunwich and other sightings close to Felixstowe, Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds. The butterfly is a common immigrant that migrates in varying numbers from the Continent to the UK each summer, where its caterpillars feed on thistles, but around once every 10 years the UK experiences

a Painted Lady

‘summer’ when millions of the butterflies arrive en masse. Butterfly


Vice-president and wildlife broadcaster, Chris Packham, is calling on nature lovers to take part in the Big Butterfly Count over the next three weeks to help reveal if we are experiencing a Painted Lady year.

The last mass immigration took place in 2009 when around 11 million Painted Ladies descended widely across the UK.

Chris said: “The Painted Lady migration is one of the wonders of the natural world. Travelling up to 1km in the sky and at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour these seemingly fragile creatures migrate hundreds of miles to reach our shores each year.

“This butterfly undertakes an extraordinary 7,500-mile round trip from tropical Africa to the Arctic Circle every year – almost double the length of the famous migrations of the Monarch butterfly in North America.

“Signs across Europe are looking very promising, meaning that 2019 could be a

very good year for the Painted Lady with high numbers already being recorded across parts of the UK. “The butterfly can turn up anywhere so please take part in the Big Butterfly Count and look out for them – you could be witnessing a once in a decade butterfly phenomenon.” People are encouraged to take part in their gardens, a nearby park or while out walking the dog, but they can also get involved by attending one of the many butterfly events running in the county. Butterfly walks will take place near Leiston on Saturday 3rd August and the Carlton Marshes nature reserve in Carlton Colville, Lowestoft, on Saturday 10th August – the last weekend to take part in the Big Butterfly Count.

More details on events can be found at: www. SuffolkCountevents Taking part in the Count helps butterflies but it also has benefits for those doing the counting. Research has revealed that watching wildlife and spending time in nature can have positive benefits for mental health and wellbeing.

Chris added: “The mental

health benefits of spending time outdoors watching nature have been blindingly obvious to me for as long as I can remember. Immersing yourself in nature, even if

it’s just for

a few short minutes, changes your perspective, it helps you slow down and notice what’s going on around you and it opens a door to the overlooked beauty and drama of our natural world.”

Butterfly Conservation is being supported by mental health charity Mind to champion the benefits of spending time in


Rachel Boyd, Head of Content Information at Mind, said: “Being outdoors in green environments can help us deal with negative feelings and experiences like depression. Noticing our environment, observing interesting and beautiful things, and being more aware of the world around us can boost our wellbeing and self-esteem. That’s why we’re pleased to see initiatives like the Big Butterfly Count offer

opportunities for us to take time out and engage with our natural surroundings.” The Big Butterfly Count is sponsored by B & Q. The GoodHome report, commissioned by B & Q and carried out by the Happiness Research Institute, also urges people to get green fingered. The report looks at the impact of our homes on our overall happiness and wellbeing and found that no matter where people live access to green space makes a big difference to happiness levels, highlighting that we are significantly unhappier without it. Having access to some sort of green space like a garden or balcony is universally important. The Big Butterfly Count, celebrating its 10th birthday this year, is the world’s largest butterfly survey. Participants are encouraged to spot and record 17 species of common butterfly, including the Painted Lady, and two day-flying moths in the UK during three weeks of high summer.

Last year more than 100,000

people counted over one million butterflies in total during the Count.

Steve Guy, Market Director Outdoor, B & Q said: “B & Q is delighted to once again sponsor the Big Butterfly Count. We want to help everyone support nature and attract wildlife into their gardens and outdoor spaces. Whether you have a hanging basket, window box, planter or a flowerbed, no space is too small to plant a nectar source to attract butterflies and other insects.

“Getting outside, creating a space for wildlife and connecting with nature is good for children and adults alike, we encourage everyone to get involved, plant some nectar

sources for pollinators and

join in the Big Butterfly Count 2019.”

The Count runs from July 19th to August 11th. Taking part in the Count is easy - find a sunny spot anywhere in the UK and spend 15 minutes counting the butterflies you see and then submit sightings online at www. or via the free Big Butterfly Count app. The Big Butterfly Count is being launched at the Natural History Museum. Dr Blanca Huertas, Senior Curator, Lepidoptera, said: “We’re very excited to be part of the 10th anniversary of the Big Butterfly Count. Our work at the Museum includes research about biodiversity and inspiring the public to engage in protecting the natural world. The Big Butterfly Count invites the public to help collect vital data as well as connect with the nature on their doorstep so we hope people of all ages get involved.”


THE first draw of the new Tote year took place on July 18th during the course of the regular Bingo session at the Hall. Winners were as follows;- 1st No 104 Pauline and Maurice Self £25, 2nd No 47 Mary Curtis £10, 3rd No 99 Simon and Maggie Larby £5 and 4th No 88 Hilary Garner £5.

Draws will normally take

place on the first Bingo Thursday of the month. We have new players this

year, and welcome back many regular ones. It’s not too late to join in the winning bunch. Just ring Wendy on 01986 872590 – who’s taken over running the tote. As one draw has taken place – to join is just £11 for the rest of the year. Helen Fensum has run the tote for many years and has decided to take a well earned rest. Thank you Helen for handing out loads of cash over the years to those super supporters of our Village Hall.

Dairy Hill and the founding of Halesworth Playing Fields Association

WHILE searching into the

history of Halesworth Playing Fields Association, HPFA, in an attempt to find out how the swimming pool at Dairy Hill came to be demolished without the Trustees being aware of Waveney District Council’s plans to do so, some interesting facts on the founding of HPFA were found. In 1945,

Woods and Herbert

Anna Elizabeth Lewis

Balls (Solicitors Clerk) were named as executors in the will of George Woods and they eventually obtained ownership of Dairy Hill through probate. A fund was established in 1950 by the old Halesworth Urban District Council, HUDC, and Halesworth Chamber of Trade and in 1952 the land was purchased by HPFA for it to be used for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Halesworth. It was not purchased for the people of Halesworth or in their name but was purchased for their use. Consequently, it was land owned by HPFA for the use by Halesworth residents. For legal efficiency reasons the deeds of the site were vested in the Official Custodian of Charities. This avoided having

to pay

solicitors fees each time there was a change of Trustees. Bertie

(Company William

and Charles Sago (Coal

Merchant) purchased the land on October 23rd 1952 for £170. The site was bought on behalf of the Trustees of HPFA and the conveyance was completed on that date and it’s their names which appear on the Deed of Transfer. Both Mr Ballard and Mr Sago were Halesworth Urban District Councillors at the time of purchase. Also, as can be seen from the original HPFA Deed of Trust, they were founding Trustees of HPFA, as HUDC representatives. The link between HPFA and Halesworth Town Council,

Thomas Ballard Director)

HTC, as successor of HUDC, has existed

founding of HPFA.

right from the This

relationship has been the one constant factor throughout the sixty five year of HPFA’s existence. Clubs and Trustees have come and gone but the relationship between HPFA and HTC (HUDC) has remained. The

Dairy Hill site was

owned by HPFA for the benefit of residents but it is and remains the Trustees responsibility to manage the site in an efficient and sustainable way. Unfortunately, this has not always been the situation. If in the past HPFA had wished to dispose of the site, it was required

to convince Charity Commission that

the in

so doing it would be providing equal or better facilities for the affiliated clubs. If the Charity Commission did not agree with the proposed sale, it would not instruct the Official Custodian of Charities to release the land for sale. If, however the sale was agreed, only then were the Trustees obliged to consult residents on whether the proposed sale was acceptable. Up until 2018, HPFA was governed

by its Deed document of

Trust, an old fashioned and outdated made


liable for any financial or legal liabilities.

Trustees personally Consequently

current Trustees decided This structure

the to

change HPFA into a Charitable Incorporated

which greatly reduces Trustees liabilities.

Organisation is

now the common structure for most charities. This process was completed on March 30th 2018 and the opportunity was taken to change the name to Halesworth Community Sport and Leisure. HCSL is also the owners of

With utmost pride all works to be completed under qualification to the highest and safest standard ~ fully insured

BUSINESS 07392 148344 Home 01502 476055


the Baisley sports ground at Bramfield Road in Halesworth. The ground was originally given to the old Halesworth Urban District Council in 1956 but transferred to Waveney District Council (WDC) under the Local Government changes in 1973. In February 2014 the ground was further transferred from WDC to the former Halesworth Playing Association.

Field Unfortunately

the ground was condemned as unfit for use by Suffolk Football Association in 2017 and space had to be found for all junior matches on the Dairy Hill site.

PRESS NOTICE Premises Licence/ Club Premises


9 hole pay and play course, it’s a great place to learn the game. At 2280 yards and a mix of par 3's and 4's, its shorter more forgiving par 33 perfectly suits beginners yet still challenges the more accomplished player. 9 holes from only £10


- Championship 18 hole golf course - 9 Hole golf course - Practice chipping and bunker play area - Reduced green fees for guests - Discounts on bar and catering purchases - Wide variety of golf competitions for ladies played weekly - Club Social Events - Refurbished Clubhouse & Shop - Driving Range

LEARN TO PLAY Beginner Group Lessons

On selected dates our professional will be running group courses for beginners of all ages. The courses run over five 1 ½ hour sessions with instruction on the swing, chipping and putting. Six pupils per course

Course £45 per person SUNDAY LUNCHES

Why not try our very popular and delicious Sunday Lunches Please book to avoid any disappointment For all of your oil requirements Servicing • Breakdowns • Oil Tank Replacements

Certificate – Variation Application Name of Applicant: Stephen Magnall Name of Premises: Two Magpies Bakery

Postal Address of Premises: London Road, Darsham, Suffolk, IP17 3QR

This application may be viewed at: East Suffolk Council, East Suffolk House, Riduna Park Station Road, Melton Woodbridge IP12 1RT Suffolk and Riverside, 4 Canning Road, Lowestoft Suffolk NR33 0EQ

Proposed Variation:

To change the sale of alcohol from ‘off sales only’ to both ‘on & off sales’ Everyday 06:00 to 22:00 Remove inappropriate conditions.

Dates between which representations may be made to the Licensing Authority: Start Date: 30/07/2019 Closing Date: 26/08/2019 Representations must be made in writing to the Licensing Team, East Suffolk Council (as the Licensing Authority) at the above address, or by e-mail to

It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application and the maximum fine for which a person is liable on summary conviction for the offence is £5000






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