Summer is finally here. The sun is out and the days are long. It is the perfect combination and we mean to make the most of it.

The big school holidays are almost upon us and it is worth making some plans. Whether you need holiday clubs or just

ideas for activities, there is plenty in our magazine and on the website.

You might notice that our What’s on pages are set up slightly differently in this issue. You will find them grouped into things like nature, sport and culture as opposed to date order. If your child is interested in particular activities, you can quickly find what they will be interested in. Let me know your thoughts and whether it is just easier to look for the dates that you know you will be around.

We have gone competition mad in this issue. Up for grabs are tickets to Marvel Universe Live!, Dinosaur World Live, The Gruffalo or a trip on the Thames courtesy of GoBoat. You can read all about it on page 31. We also have exclusive competitions in our monthly newsletter and on our website. This month we have tickets to the Twirlywoos, so don’t forget to sign up at


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A Taste of Summer Join us this summer to explore the food and flavours of the 17th Century. Get a taste of the high life and discover what's growing in our bountiful kitchen garden.

Add some colour to your weekend this autumn at Gibside

Go crunching through fallen leaves and discover a forest teeming with wildlife and autumn colours, with walking routes for all ages and abilities.

Call 020 8940 1950 for details

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© National Trust 2016. The National Trust is an independent registered charity, number 205846. Photography © National Trust Images.


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