preop, then easily duplicate that infor- mation throughout the chart. In addi- tion to auto filling information, some patient charts allow you to include a photo of the patient directly in their file. Instead of calling them by name in the waiting room, staff can approach the patient and welcome them person- ally. It is more discreet and starts the patient’s journey off on the right foot.

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants In the early 2000s, education writer Marc Prensky divided the world into digital natives and digital immigrants. The “natives” are those born into an already existing digital world. The “immigrants” are those who grew up in a pre-internet era. Not surprisingly, most ASCs are owned and operated by digi- tal immigrants. According to a Septem- ber 2017 article in The Inquirer, more

more than 50 years old, and 20 percent are more than 60.

While most healthcare profes- sionals are conversant in digital “lan- guage,” not everyone is fluent. In the shift from paper to digital, careful preparation rules the day. Work closely with your vendor to set realistic train- ing and implementation


than 30 percent of physicians are older than 60 and began practicing medicine well before the computer became ubiq- uitous in health care. The same holds true for perioperative nurses: accord- ing to the 2018 National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report from Nursing Solutions Inc., 66 percent are

and ask detailed questions about, for example, how new employees might get onboarded to the new system. Change is always hard but once an ASC goes digital, it rarely goes back. In an industry where every second counts, investing in digital technology helps ASCs improve patient care and the bottom line.

Will Campbell is the chief revenue officer of Simplify ASC in Brentwood, Tennessee. Write him at

A new Way to Chart

HSTpathways ASC software suite

HSTpathways’ Surgery Center software suite offers all the tools necessary to maximize revenue and optimize both the business and clinical processes in an ASC. Maximize and analyze your block schedule utilization with the included scheduling module. Utilize both Pathways and eChart solutions for true case costing and inventory tracking. Use the Patient Responsibility Estimator and Real-time Insurance Verification, to increase your collections at the point of service and reduce claim rejections. Visit our website to learn about all of the benefits that HST offers. | tel 1-800-290-4078

ASC Software streamlines your business management processes to achieve performance and cost saving goals.

Charting Software unifies clinical efficiencies with the business objectives improving documentation quality and compliance.

Practice Software automates the data sharing from the ASC to the Anesthesia Practice to facilitate the revenue cycle management process.


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