Striking a balance between style and substance


The term ‘horsepower’ was a unit of measurement used to describe the force a horse had to exert to pull a load of 75 kilograms one meter in one second. 100hp was a vehicle pulled by 100 horses. It’s rather outdated nowadays as animals can’t exert the same speed or force as modern cars, so power is normally referred to as ‘PS’. Quick acceleration and plenty of thrust for safe overtaking or for getting quickly onto a roundabout is still very much in demand, manufacturers say. As are the more common fleet demands of a large

boot, comfortable seating and a host of technology. There aren’t many cars that can fulfil all this, but the ŠKODA Octavia vRS can. The Octavia is the biggest selling model in the UK

and celebrates its 60th birthday this year. Named after the Latin word for ‘eight’ more than 500,000 examples have found loving homes on our shores since the very first 1959 model rolled onto UK roads. Twenty per cent of buyers will go for the vRS version

with its stunning sporty chassis, striking alloys and chrome exhaust pipes. In the ‘virtual cockpit’ of my road test car I sank into

the plush leather driver’s seat and drank in the quality and luxury. A 10.25” digital display replaces the traditional instrument dials and can be customised with five views – classic, basic, extended, modern and sports. The interior LED light pack has 10 colour options. ŠKODA thinks about people who buy their cars and

offers quirky touches such as fuel fill protection, which ensures you’ll never load up with the wrong fuel. I discovered by accident a handy ice scraper on the fuel door. And another journey of discovery led me to an

umbrella under the passenger seat. Always ready to shed some light on driving disasters is the removable LED torch which recharges while the engine is running. There is a choice of eco, sport, individual or the very

comfortable mode for long distance workers. The button which states vRS will switch between driving modes and change how the engine resonates throughout the cabin with the Performance Sound Generator and the promise of head spinning performance. The Octavia vRS is a statement of a dynamic driving

experience and in the right environment, this powerful car is pure fun. But it is also smartly practical. The Octavia Estate is the number one car in its fleet segment and offers an impressive 1,740 litres of luggage space. A remote lever makes easy work of automatically folding the rear seat backrests for larger boot space. The jumbo box between the front seats, is just that and also features climate control to keep snacks cool on warm days. Safety is firmly in the driving seat too at ŠKODA with

a very long list of active and passive driver assistance systems. The 245PS TFSI 2 litre turbo engine is the most

powerful engine ever offered by ŠKODA. It’s also the most flexible with an amazing amount of torque and breathtaking performance. Adding to the enjoyment are the lowered suspension, stiffer bodyshell and wider wheels. Fluidly taking numerous sharp bends on one journey, I found myself breathing with the gear changes. The ŠKODA Octavia vRs is for people who look

forward to driving fun and style but need every day work practicality.

MODEL: ŠKODA Octavia VRS Estate

PRICE: £29,905 otr ENGINE:2.0 TSI 245PS

PERFORMANCE: 0-60mph in 6.7 seconds and on to a top speed of 152 mph

CO2 EMISSIONS: 144g/km


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