Greg Gumina is current President of the Alabama Music Educators Association and has been a band director for 24 years in this state. He has served 22 of those years as Assistant Band Director at Shades Valley High School, where his bands and percussion ensembles have achieved many honors. Greg is a newly elected member of Rho Chapter of Phi Beta Mu.

Greg says: “ I have a philosophy of “get ready to be ready”, and a set of regular procedures that help my students get the year closed out in a way that gives me less stress during post-planning. I begin in April, after Spring Break. I talk to the students and have them understand that the next few weeks will go by a lot faster than we think! I make sure that they realize the importance of keeping on top of deadlines for their academic work and other testing activities so that we can use the few hours of band time we have left. I set aside a time to get the band room thoroughly organized and cleaned – we have usually let some things slide during preparation for Music Performance

Assessment. I have this overhaul assigned by section to keep everyone involved and accountable. Once everything is clean and organized, it will be simpler to keep it that way until the year is over. Another activity that requires a special day is a period near the end to inspect instruments and get them ready for repair. I specifically target the students that are responsible for two school instruments (French Horn/ Mellophone, Euphonium/Marching Baritone, and Tuba/Sousaphone) and do a careful inventory to insure that we can give the repairman an accurate idea of what needs to be done to get both instruments ready for the Fall so we don’t waste any time when we sit down to play. I also find that a critical day is the day after the final concert. I make sure that we take up and file all outstanding music, so we are not chasing it down later. My students are eager to play and read music until the last day, but we have a procedure in place where we just read a piece or two every day and then take it up at the end to avoid problems. As a result of having the students help me the last few weeks, I can

spend my time at the end of school wrapping up paperwork and planning for the next year instead of being overwhelmed!”

These are some great ideas on using the final weeks of school to take care of your students and your inventory in a very efficient and effective manner.

Rho Chapter of Phi Beta Mu International Bandmaster Fraternity is committed to the improvement of bands and band instruction in this state. Comments on this column and ideas for future columns are welcome! Please email:

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Jim Duren congratulates Outstanding Young Band Director Kevin Ownby

Jim Duren congratulates Outstanding Band Director David Waters

Ski Winter (center) created wooden plaques for Hall of Fame inductees Jim Duren and Rusty Logan

Johnny Jacobs and Hall of Fame Inductee Jim Duren ala breve

Johnny Jacobs and Hall of Fame Inductee Rusty Logan 39

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