an amazing end to the days of rehearsal. From auditions through beginning notes of the All-State bands and finishing the day truly hearing what a university band is capable of achieving was a great example of how music education works. From the heights of joy to emotions of remembrance of loss, the UAH Wind Ensemble took listeners on a roller coaster ride with some unexpected fireworks thanks to Panoply Arts Festival. With all the activities on Friday at the VBC, the set up for the rehearsals and concert had to happen at 6:00 am. A team of our directors came to the arena and in a little over 30 minutes, the arena floor went from a blank floor to an All- State set up of four bands. Teamwork and cooperation were prevalent along with the fun we had working together.

As the concert approached there was much excitement from students and directors. The concert was inspiring and provided more evidence that instrumental music education is thriving in Alabama. The professionalism, teamwork, and

excellence was what I had hoped for at the end of my term as president. This only sets the stage for other great performances and experiences for our directors and students. As the concert closes and we all began our travels home, it is important to reflect, evaluate, and begin preparations for what is next. I have been so honored and humbled by the members of the ABA Board for supporting, guiding, and encouraging me during my term. Becky Rodgers Warren instilled in me the ideal of servant leadership. It has served me well and I thank her. Following Mike Holmes as president has been a great experience. His wisdom, patience, and forethought is what I have always admired in him as a teacher and a fellow member of the board. Our organization is in very capable hands with Terry Ownby and Joel Henson. I look forward to serving with them for two years. At this event, our executive secretary Harry McAfee announced his resignation effective the end of June.

lighthouse throughout the years.

Harry has been our His

contribution and dedication to our organization has been a model to us all. We thank him for his service and will be celebrating his time with us at the summer conference. We all owe Harry a debt of gratitude for his years as executive secretary.

As we begin to look forward, we must continue to look for ways to promote and better the organization and music education. As the ABA Board moves forward please read the emails, search out the bylaws, become familiar with how the organization works and above all else, SERVE. Whether it is your students, those from across the state, or your organization, roll up your sleeves and let’s see what is possible for our membership, our state and most of all, our students.

Thank you Harry McAfee for your years

of leadership and service to ABA!

All-State Middle School Band - 1st Chair Players

Flute: Jaxon Dunlevy, Liberty Park Middle School; Oboe: Alyson Goodwin, Simmons MS; Bassoon: Grace Greer, Auburn JH; Bb Clarinet: Jones Preg, Hewitt-Trussville MS; Alto Clar: Matthew Cornelius, Trinity CA; Bass Clar; Alto Sax: Seth Hickman, Hewitt-Trussville MS; Tenor Sax: Jackson Alexander, Auburn JH; Bari Sax: Elijah Putman, Cullman MS; Trumpet: Noah Bender, Hewitt-Trussville MS; French Horn: Will Hertz, Simmons MS; Trombone: Luke Pappalardo, Pizitz MS; Baritone: Dustin Powell, Elmore Co. HS; Tuba: Marlan Zha, Phillips Prep; String Bass: Ethan Walton, Causey MS; Percussion: Timothy Zhu, Discovery MS

State Solo Festival Finalists

1st Place: Henry Otts, Fairhope HS; 2nd Place: Samantha Trentacoste, Oak Mountain HS; 3rd Place: Anna Grace Hargett, Spain Park HS; 4th Place: Theo Hornsby, Trinity Presbyterian; 5th Place: Jackson Hanks, Hoover HS; 6th Place: Emily Warren, Hewitt-Trussville HS; 7th Place: Caroline Habig, Hoover HS; 8th Place: Brook Bailey, Hewitt-Trussville HS

All-State Red Band - 1st Chair Players

Flute: Anna Hogan, Covenant CA; Oboe: Rebecca Keith, Thompson HS; Bassoon: Gabrielle Smith, Huntsville HS; Eb Clar: Smantha Howard, Hazel Green HS; Bb Clar: Solomon Sigmon, Covenant CA; Alto Clar: Andrew Tillman, Trinity CS; Bass Clar: Jay Zayas, Sparkman HS; Contra Clar: Lauren Love, Tuscaloosa Co. HS; Alto Sax: Ashton Jah, Bob Jones HS; Tenor Sax: Jackson Lanier, James Clemens HS; Bari Sax: Reagan Bonner, Hewitt-Trussville HS; Trumpet:Audra Campbell, Spain Park HS; French Horn: Chiraag Samal, Oak Mountain HS; Trombone: Isaiah Vasquez, Sparkman HS; Baritone: Sam Kinsaul, Lee-Scott Academy; Tuba: Caroline Habig, Hoover HS; String Bass: J.T. Matthews, Vestavia Hills HS; Percussion: James Bright, James Clemens HS

ala breve

James Champion and Phi Beta Mu Scholarship Recipient Alyssa Ledlow

ABA President Doug Farris and Solo Festival Winner Henry Otts


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