Phil Wilson - President, Elementary/General Division For Good

In the final act of the Broadway musical hit Wicked, Elphaba and Glinda bid farewell to each other by singing the song “For Good”. One phrase expresses my feelings for this moment.

“I’ve heard it said

That people come into our lives for a reason Bringing something we must learn And we are led

To those who help us most to grow If we let them

And we help them in return

Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true But I know I’m who I am today Because I knew you.” -Glinda

Over the past two years, you trusted me to lead the Elementary Di- vision and while I hope I earned and sustained your trust, some- thing unique happened: YOU changed me. Whether through our talks, our countless hours of singing and dancing alongside each other, or our sharing of great ideas, I believe we became better to- gether. My personal growth is more apparent in how I teach my classes, seek out meaningful professional development and even how I interact with my colleagues and it’s all because of you. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to learn and grow with you. I truly have been changed For Good!

As the school year draws to a close, know that what you have done for your students, school and community has not gone unnoticed. Your dedication to the music discipline is apparent in everything you do, and you are thought of highly for it. How many times this year have you received emails from parents thanking you for what you do? How many kid notes and drawings have you found hidden in the strangest places in your room after a long and hard day? How many former students still run to hug you in public or send you so- cial media messages of thanks? I’m sure these instances are innu- merable, all because you came in to lives and changed them. How many students can you say changed you? Over the summer as you recharge your batteries, ponder these questions, remember these students, cherish each moment and prepare for the next school year as a new group of students will come into your life and change you For Good.

Speaking of For Good, I hope that you will continue your support of the 2019-2021 Elementary Board of Directors.

President: Betty Wilson

President-Elect: Sarah McLendon Treasurer: Lori Zachary Secretary: Rob Lyda Hospitality: Kristi Howze Past-President: Phil Wilson Festival Director: Melissa McIntyre

Please continue support our Elementary Music Festival on Friday, ala breve

October 18, 2019 at the Eastmont Baptist Church in Montgomery. Melissa McIntyre, our new festival director, has already been hard at work securing clini- cians, preregistering schools and a host of other things. We are very fortunate to have as clinicians Dr. Madeline Bridges from Belmount University, and our own Dr. Becky Halliday from the University of Montevallo. Please see our Facebook page for the clinician’s biogra- phies and to sign-up. For more information, contact Melissa McIn- tyre Also, please make plans to attend our joint workshop on Saturday, October 19, 2019 where Dr. Bridges and Dr. Halliday will continue to instruct us.

Remember that our 2020 AMEA Professional Development Con- ference is moving to back to Montgomery and will occur on Janu- ary 16-18, 2020. Please consider applying for your choral group to perform at the 2020 conference. The deadline is June 1st

. Also, we

want to know about the great things you are doing in your class- room. Consider applying to present a session. Click here for both applications development-conference/.

Thank you for all you do to make sure the students in Alabama are receiving the best music education possible. For questions or up- dates, please contact us at See you in October, Phil R. Wilson, President Elementary/General Division

Elementary Calendar of Events

2019 Young Voices Festival April 26-27, 2019

University of Alabama Contact:

World Music Drumming Level I Crestline Elementary, Hartselle June 3-7, 2019


Orff Level II and III Samford University June 17-28, 2019


Kodály Levels I, II & III University of Montevallo July 8-19, 2019

Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church in Mountain Brook Contact:

East Alabama Music Workshop Grace United Methodist Church, Auburn August 24, 2019

Contact: 15

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