‘We’re building the new internet’

Scottish web pioneer working with Sir Tim Berners-Lee set to speak at DigitalScotland

A Scottish internet pioneer working on the world’s first ‘autonomous network’ will de- liver a public lecture on a project endorsed by the father of the web – Sir Tim Berners-Lee. David Irvine, founder of Maid-

safe, a little-known decentralised web company based in Ayr, will be among a stellar cast of keynote speakers at FutureScot’s annual ‘Digital Scotland’ conference on May 30. Irvine, an engineer and inventor

with over 40 patents in the area of networking, security and privacy, started his career as an apprentice mechanical engineer, before tak- ing the electrical and electronics route at college. He will address delegates on the subject of, ‘Saying goodbye to the internet: Freedom of expression, control of personal data, private and secure communi- cations, and a whole new economy:

David Irvine will speak at FutureScot’s annual conference on May 30

welcome to the new internet, a solution we can all be part of’. Maidsafe is building the SAFE

Network, which is designed to run completely without human inter- ference; all data is anonymous, ex- changed and stored randomly from computer to computer, and nothing is kept on centralised servers. Irvine has been working on his vision for over 10 years and last year met cre- ator of the world-wide web Sir Tim Berners-Lee at a decentralised web conference in San Francisco, where

the two embarked on the shared ‘Safe and Solid’ project. Linnar Viik, Co-founder of the

e-Governance Academy in Estonia – regarded by many as the leading digital nation globally – will also speak at Digital Scotland, along- side Teo Blackwell, London’s first Chief Digital Officer. Digital Scotland – the leading public sector digital transformation conference in Scotland - is set to host over 500 delegates at the Technology & Innovation Centre in Glasgow on

Videogames conference set to feature “world-leading” games innovators

A full-day conference on the videogames industry is set to be held at V&A Dundee next month. As part of the new exhibition Video- games: Design/Play/Disrupt, the venue will host Arcadia on Saturday, May 18, featuring a ‘world-leading group of diverse designers and radical thinkers whose work covers the spec- trum of game-making, from practical design, to soundscapes and future technologies, as well as exploring games as a cultural force’.

Te conference will be co-curated by

Biome Collective; speakers will include Hilary O’Shaughnessy, Producer at Watershed; Kirsty Keatch, musical artist; Yann Seznec, artist and musician, founder of Lucky Frame; Lynn Love, Abertay University and Jim Cope, Ruffian Games. For tickets and information visit videogames-conference-arcadia

Tursday, May 30, and will feature numerous spotlight sessions from public and private sector innova- tors and entrepreneurs on ‘tech for good’ and how it is reshaping the public sector technology landscape. Te event will explore the ‘Future of Government’, the ‘Future of Busi- ness’ and Te Future of Technology, featuring over 60 top-class national and international speakers. l

For tickets and registration visit

Arcadia takes place at V&A Dundee on May 18 FUTURESCOT | SPRING 2019 | 7

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