BUILT ENVIRONMENT BIM’s key role in transformation

Knowledge and expertise widened through e-learning option

The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) level 2 was introduced by the Scottish Government in April 2017 with a view to encouraging its adoption across public sector contracts. Te overall objective is to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and promote collaboration within the Scottish construction industry. It is important to highlight that BIM is not only for public sec- tor contracts - but can offer the same benefits to all construc- tion projects when successfully implemented.

At Construction Scotland In-

novation Centre (CSIC) we are keen for construction to trans- form and improve, making better use of digitisation and automa- tion to drive greater profitabil- ity, productivity, efficiency and sustainability. BIM is a key part of that transformation, supporting buildings that are greener, more efficient and more intelligently designed. With increasing aware- ness of BIM and a higher number of tenders specifying BIM, it is increasing in importance. Our BIM e-learning platform

has been developed with support from Scottish Enterprise and in conjunction with a range of industry partners. It will allow people who can’t get along to our BIM workshops and seminars, due either to time constraints or location issues, to log on and

learn at their own pace. If ques- tions arise while completing a module, they can either join our LinkedIn discussion forum and ask an expert or consult our on- line library of useful information and content. To help encourage engagement

with BIM at a senior level, CSIC has launched BIM 4 Business Leaders with Scottish Enterprise support. Tis 20-minute online learning module will walk you through the purpose, opportuni- ties and benefits available with BIM. Tis module breaks down the benefits of adopting BIM for an organisation and the reasons why you should consider this process. Since we began running BIM

events, over 400 businesses have benefited from the support avail- able through our workshops and

a further 200 professionals have joined our online BIM discussion forum. We hope that the e-learn- ing option will allow even more participants to benefit from our knowledge and expertise. So, if you’ve always meant to start your BIM journey but just haven’t had the time, then log on and learn – now you don’t even need to leave your office to find out why forward-thinking construction businesses are adopting BIM. l

Find out more about CSIC’s BIM in Practice programme, and access the e-learning platform, visit All our BIM events are carried out in partnership with other organisations. Interested in collaborating? Contact Lisa Deane on 0141 212 5250 or email ldeane@ for more information.

Leaders in Digital Built Environment

Conferences Towards a digital built Scotland

Asset & Estate Management September 2019, Glasgow

Our conference is the leading event of the year for built environment stakeholders. We address the challenges of creating better asset management strategies and explore the opportunities of digital innovation. The objective is simple: to maximise the utility of property, reduce costs and enhance the quality of data relating to assets and estates – which will ultimately lead to better decision-making and investment opportunities. Showcasing best practice from early adopters and how it is revolutionising the three fundamentals of the built environment: information, transactions, and management.

BIM & Digital Infrastructure 06 February 2020, Glasgow

Following the success of this years Conference which was supported by Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, SFT & The Scottish Government our 2020 BIM & Digital Infrastructure will chart progress of the UK’s ambition to create a data-driven approach to the built environment and a digital economy. Join our BIM specialists from across the public and private sector to see how the construction industry and operations management sector is approaching social and economic infrastructure through the use of digital technology.

For further information about the conferences or sponsorship opportunities please contact or call 0131 357 4475.


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