Robotic construction

Plans for ‘family of houses’ using new tech

An innovative housing construction method which could help to bring down the cost for house-buyers is being investigated by research- ers at Robert Gordon University’s Scott Sutherland School of Archi- tecture and Built Environment. In collaboration with the

Construction Scotland Innova- tion Centre and timber engineer- ing firm Glulam Solutions, the project will focus on the robotic fabrication of a cross-laminated timber (CLT) joint.


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GIS AND INFRASTRUCTURE Digital technologies like BIM are starting to transform the way we plan, design, build and operate our social and economic infrastructure. GIS is an increasingly critical technology for achieving high quality outcomes on infrastructure development projects. Our products and solutions

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FUTURE We are in the midst of a data revolution. Increasingly, decisions about public and private sector investment in infrastructure will require GIS and geospatial data to provide a complete integrated view of the real-world environment. With recognised low productivity and efficiency in the infrastructure sector, the use of a common GIS data platform will provide frictionless use of data across the complete infrastructure project lifecycle.

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FUTURESCOT | SPRING 2019 | 31 Currently, most construction

takes place as manual assembly onsite, which can lead to delays, inaccuracies, material defects, and material waste. Robotic off-site fabrication will bring the benefits of industrialised produc- tion systems to construction. Off-site timber construction

has been widely explored in other countries, such as Japan. How- ever, said the university, Scotland “has not risen to the challenge” of off-site timber construction de- spite having significant expertise in the area. Teo Dounas, the School’s

learning excellence leader, be- lieves the project has the potential to significantly improve construc-

Off-site fabrication will bring the benefits of industrialised production

tion methods. “Te innovation lies with the integration of a house design prototype and its robotic fabrication out of complex CLT panels manufactured off-site. “At the end of the project, we

envision that the consumer, the house buyer, will be able to select various options from a web- site and then we will be able to produce all components based on consumer demand. “It is hoped that through this ini-

tial project, our solution could bring dramatic benefits not just to the

Scottish housing market, but also to the Scottish construction market. We would then hope to develop a range of ideas and solutions, from logistics, to design, to the real test- ing of CLT joints, and formation of insulated composite panels. “While this particular solu-

tion is tightly integrated with one design product, it is likely to be relevant to other building projects. We plan to develop a family of houses and other buildings using the technology developed through the project.” l

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