£15m contract notice issued for new National Digital Platform

NHS Education for Scotland has issued a £15m contract notice to procure public cloud services to host the new Na- tional Digital Platform. Scheduled to last 10 years,

the notice was posted on the Public Contracts Scotland website and describes services required for the NDP, which includes the creation and

deployment of ‘real-time data at the point of care’; operating to a ‘predictable architecture which.. enable[s] new and in- novative products to be devel- oped and implemented across the health and care system; and to ‘enable the use of data at scale for quality improve- ment and to support research and innovation’. l

Survey confirms Brexit workforce pressure on firms

Access to the European work- force has emerged as the most significant concern for Scottish businesses, according to a survey of more than 250 senior execu- tives across industries by law firm Anderson Strathern. More than a third of Scottish companies rely heavily on highly-skilled EU staff and almost a quarter rely heavily on low-skilled EU staff. Regard- less of how Brexit develops, there will be a continued demand for an EU workforce in Scotland, the survey found. More than a quarter of Scottish business’ are expecting to recruit EU workers, post Brexit, than they plan to recruit from non-EU countries. l Full story: p27

EU workforce Pricing and finance Regulatory and compliance concerns

Supply chain disruption Export and import red tape

54% 49% 42% 41% 33% 33%

Obtaining goods/services/ components from the EU

Data science and clinical medicine need greater integration

A new report from the University of Glasgow has suggested the lack of integration between data science and clinical medicine in Scotland is a ‘major missed op- portunity’ for the UK. Precision Medicine Innovation

in Scotland: Accelerating Produc- tivity Growth for Scotland and the UK, a Science and Innovation Audit Report sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, published

EduTech event will debate balance of tech in classrooms

Striking the right balance between the opportunities of digital learning with the harm that spending long periods on devices can cause will be debated at a FutureScot event in May. EduTech 2019, a full-day

policy and technology confer- ence, hosted at the Technology & Innovation Centre in Glasgow, will focus on the upsides and downsides of digital. Neil Ó Tarráin, Vice Princi-

pal IT, at Gaelscoil Uí Fhiaich primary school in Maynooth, County Kildare, will present findings of his school’s ‘Social Media Detox’ and the effect on children. Dr Jo Inchley, a specialist in

public health research at the University of Glasgow, will also present on some recent research findings on the effect of digital on children. l


last month, says Scotland ‘has a potentially transformational opportunity to combine the re- gional strengths in data science and PM, particularly in Edin- burgh and Glasgow, to acceler- ate the implementation of PM and achieve long term economic impacts for Scotland through NHS savings, a healthier and more productive workforce, and growing Scotland’s PM focused business base.’ l

SBRC to work closely with police at new centre

Scotland’s national centre for business resilience has moved to a new showpiece head-quarters. Te Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) has signed a long-term lease with the Oracle Campus in Linlithgow, moving from offices in Stirling, where it has been based for more than 10 years. SBRC announced key

appointments recently including the recruitment of its first Chief Operating Officer and further senior secondments from Police Scotland. It now has its sights set on further expansion of its capa- bilities and greater opportunities for collaboration with Police Scotland at the larger office space in Linlithgow. l

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