Our youth worker Sarah, a former Ruby’s client, speaking at the 25th anniversary event

You’ve helped reunite families for 25 years

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for 25 years – thanks to the generosity of donors like you – that’s how long Ruby’s Reunification Program (Ruby’s) has been helping families rebuild relationships and preventing homelessness.

Ruby’s primary focus is getting families back together again and for young people to return to their own homes. Our team includes incredible people like youth worker, Sarah, a former client so inspired by her experience, she studied and trained so she could work with us and help others like her.

“Now I am the one trying to help young people get back on track. When I tell clients that 10 years ago I was staying in this house, they relate to me – they realise this program really works.”

As Executive Manager, Robyn, explains, “Ruby’s is a proven model. Around 80% of young people who come to Ruby’s go home at the end of the program. And 67% of clients who go home, stay home and don’t come back into the sector again, which is quite an amazing outcome.”

Ruby’s gave me back my daughter

When Lily came to Ruby’s, her home relationship had completely broken down.

As Lily explains, her life might well have taken a high- risk path if not for Ruby’s. “Honestly, I would be dead.”

“At Ruby’s they genuinely cared; it was a home away from home. I got involved in activities like basketball, art and loved the beautiful therapy dogs. There was such comfort and support. Ruby’s made me see I was worth something again.” said Lily.

Dad, Wayne says, “I’m really thankful to Ruby’s for giving me my daughter back.”

Lily and Wayne are back on track with Ruby’s

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