1 in 5 new patients in East of England unable to access NHS dentistry,

as recruitment and retention crisis mounts

nEW analysis of official data shows over 1 million irregular attenders missing out across England. access problems mount as

latest surveys show nearly 3 in 5 dentists plan on quitting nHS. Fresh analysis of

government data has revealed over 60,000 new patients in the East of England have tried and failed to secure access to routine nHS dental services, as a new survey of dentists by the British Dental association points to a ticking time bomb of staffing problems: BDa analysis of the

government’s own gP Survey – based on feedback from over 350,000 adults – reveals nearly 1 in 4 new patients across England (estimated at over 1 million) not currently on the books with an nHS dentist have tried and failed to secure an nHS appointment. This data points to access

problems across the East of England, with the 40% of irregular attenders in West norfolk missing out among the highest in England. The BDa’s new national

survey of dentists suggests nearly 3 in 5 practitioners (59%) based in England are now planning to scale down or leave nHS work entirely in the next 5 years Those with higher nHS commitments are the most

likely to leave - 67% of dentists seeing more than 75% nHS patients expressed their intentions to move on – falling to 51% among those doing less nHS work. Dentist


leaders have government

unwillingness to heed warnings over the growing recruitment and retention crisis in the service. Despite pledges to put prevention and primary care at the heart of the nHS 10 Year Plan no commitments have been made to guarantee the future sustainability of high street dentistry. The UK government has

yet to honour commitments made since 2010 to make a decisive break from the discredited 2006 nHS contract system which sets quotas on patient numbers. Dentists are penalised if they don't hit targets for activity, but are unable to treat extra patients even if they have capacity to do more. The BDa is seeking

assurances that government will provide funding for a reformed system to guarantee access. government spend per head has fallen by £4.95, from £40.95 to £36, in the last five years, while dentists have experienced a 35% collapse in real income over last decade, a fall without precedent in the public sector. The British Dental

association’s vice Chair Eddie Crouch said: “High Street nHS

dentistry is on the brink, and it’s the patients who need us most who risk losing out. “across the East of

England practices are now unable to fill vacancies, as a system of unforgiving targets pushes talented colleagues out. The result is tens of thousands of irregular attenders – many with poor oral health – are falling through the cracks. “These aren’t just patients

seeking a regular check-up. They are often people in pain, left without the care they need. “Dentists were looking for

a lifeline in the recent 10 Year Plan, but were offered little more than a footnote. The practitioners who have done most to support the nHS - and the patients who need them - are now paying the price for that indifference.”

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CHiLDREn will be able to enjoy the antics of a host of colourful characters at Leis- ton Film Theatre this Easter, when the venue plays host to the smash-hit family show, Pongo’s Party. The show form's part of

Leiston Film Theatre’s excit- ing Easter programme, with a special one-off performance on Wednesday 17th april at 11am. Created as an ideal introduc-

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body has remembered, Molly- Moo the Cow is making a mess baking, Sheena the Sheep is rehearsing with her band, Sally the Scarecrow is in the middle of decorating and even Marty MacDonald is tied up with his

parcels - whatever can they be up to? You’re all invited to come

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The Gardening Column – March 2019 Herb Garden Heaven

HERBS are a great way for novice gardeners to start growing their own. From sage to thyme, rosemary to clipped bay and flowering chives, you can combine a variety of herbs in one space whether that’s a specially built herb garden, flower bed or container. if you are planning on

creating a herb garden it should ideally be placed in the sunniest part of your garden. Most of the common herbs are native to the Mediterranean so if you can create similar conditions in your garden they will thrive. Before you start, decide which herbs you would like to grow – this will give you a good idea of how much space you will need a basic rule of thumb is ten plants per sq m which will give you something to look at during the first year and a good effect thereon after. alternatively, you could

plant a raised bed with your favourite herbs within easy reach of your kitchen. Raised beds are relatively simple and easy to construct using wooden sleepers. Once you have worked out the best location for your herb bed fix the sleepers in position and fill it with a mixture of soil and peat-free compost then plant in your selection of herbs. Herbs also grow well in

Out tO Tyler Torrance

is the chef proprietor of Boarding House in Halesworth

“OUT TO PASTURE” BEEF is the newest addition to the already fabulous products available in Suffolk. As a chef, I couldn’t

be more excited to introduce this to you… The Thickitt family from Clarkes of Bramfield have paired up with the Crickmore family of Fen Farm, home of the award winning Baron Bigod Brie, to bring to you their grass fed, slow growth retired, Montbeliarde dairy cattle. I want you to think a beefier beef, this is quite frankly the biggest flavour I have seen in British beef to this date. “Out to pasture” beef brings a complexity to Suffolk beef that is sure to become a favourite in restaurants and homes alike. Clarkes master butchers have dry aged this well bred mature beef for 45 days before jointing, which has coaxed the depth of rich flavour and succulence that is a pleasure to cook with. To celebrate this lovely product this month I’m doing a slow braised feather blade of beef and a 20 hour roast of topside; there is robust richness in both of these methods of cooking that brings out the best in this product and pairs so well with a nice glass of red wine.

Roast heritage carrots and a sauce from the braising juices brings out a simplicity that pays homage to this new addition of Suffolk beef.

pasture Beef

in to uniform pieces and reserve. When ready to serve panfry to a nice golden colour ensuring the meat is warmed through, baste with butter and reserve for plating.

For the heritage carrots Heritage carrots are so beautiful, especially when simply peeled and roasted with butter and thyme. I can’t think of anything that pairs better with beef.

For the 20 hour slow roast of “Out to Pasture” Beef

Ingredients - serves about 4

For the Braised Feather of “Out to Pasture” Montbeliarde Beef

• 1kg feather blade of beef • 2 diced onions • 2 diced carrots • 1 stalk diced celery • 1 head of garlic • stalks rosemary • 3 star anise • 1.5L light stock • 1tbs tomato puree • 1tbs black pepper • Maldon sea salt to taste

W.J. SEPPINGS celebrating 100 years


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For the 20 hour slow roast

of “Out to Pasture” Montbeliarde Beef

• 1kg corner cut topside of beef (my family’s favourite cut) • thyme & sea salt

For the Heritage Carrot

• 1kg mix heritage carrot peeled • 1 sprig thyme

• 1tbs butter for roasting Method

For the Braised Feather of “Out to Pasture” Montbeliarde Beef

Seal the feather of beef in a hot pan, browning all sides, then place in an oven proof dish with all the ingredients, ensuring the shoulder is covered with the stock. We bring this up to a slow simmer then cover and place in a moderately hot oven, 180ºC for approximately 4 hours until the meat is fork tender. Remove the feather of beef from the braising liquor, cool slightly so you can handle the meat, then roll in cling film to shape into a uniform log, then chill to set. Once cooled, cut


01379 642105 F A M Locally produced Beef, Lamb and Pork stocked I 852235

Seal your beef in a hot pan with thyme and sea salt and then place on a roasting tray. The secret to this cut is the lowest of low cooking, temperatures around 57ºC. This is an effort in patience that will be rewarded ten fold. We roast our beef to pink at The Boarding House Dining Rooms; this allows for the most tender succulent beef topside ever. Absolute perfection! Carve when ready to plate.

To serve On a nice rustic bowl place the braised Out to pasture Beef Feather and slow roasted topside of beef with the roasted heritage carrots, I serve this dish with mustard greens and the braising juices.

Enjoy x.

containers. a couple of herb filled pots by the kitchen door are ideal for snipping at throughout the year, and benefit from the fact that they can be moved as the seasons change to get the best of the sunshine. The top five classic

favourites are: Mint - easy to grow and if you pick it regularly it will grow bushy and give you leaves from april to november. Chives – great in salads or as a soup garnish, they have lovely bee-friendly flowers and do well in partial sun. Sage – its velvety leaves and small, purple flowers look spectacular and it requires very little maintenance. it thrives in dry conditions so don’t over water. Bay – bays are practical and ornamental hardy evergreen trees with aromatic leaves and small yellow flowers and can be kept small by growing in a pot and pruning. Rosemary – an evergreen hardy shrub with aromatic leaves and small purple or white flowers that thrives in full sun and needs minimal pruning or attention. March is the month for

getting the garden ready for the summer months ahead, so here’s what experts suggest for this month’s gardening ‘to do’ list: Spring usually arrives by

mid-March and the frequent sunny days provide the opportunity for an increasing range of gardening tasks. it's time to get busy preparing seed beds, sowing seed, cutting back winter shrubs and generally tidying up around the garden. RHS March is when winter turns

to spring so start your month propagating and dividing and then get planting as the cold weather becomes milder. it’s a great idea to plant your lilies at the end of the month and make sure you look after your snowdrops. Country Life When buying bulbs,

everyone seems to think of daffodils, tulips, crocus, but forget there’s some great summer flowering bulbs too. Think gladioli, lilies, freesias, as well as unusual ones such as Sparaxis and Tigridia. They are super colourful and extra easy to grow. Summer flowering bulbs are ideal for dropping into any gap in the border, so if you’ve bought shrubs which haven’t filled out quite yet, fill that space in the meantime with some bulbs.

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