New Great British Food directory is on the menu

We've launched a brand new Great British Food Directory website and we're really excited for you to take a look and to start listing your products. The directory is packed with lots of new

features and functionality; the most important being a user management facility that for the first

time ever gives you full control of your profile. You can now log in to manage and update

your profile information, indicate your target markets, register to attend upcoming events, message international buyers, and upload all your latest products whenever you want. In preparation for next year’s meet the buyer

events, in-store promotions and market visits, we need you to ensure you’re listed on the directory to get exclusive access. Best of all, the directory is entirely free!

To create your new profile, visit our website –

Taking the hard work out of market selection

Sometimes it is hard to decide where to target next, or even where to start. Let us do the hard work for you and find your next market with our Market Selection service. Discover potential new markets for your

goods and services with the support of our specialist market research team.

What we offer Market research is considered one of the most important elements of an export strategy. Before entering a new international market it is essential to carry out detailed research and evaluate target opportunities. We can help you make an informed decision

on which countries to focus your resources, and help you target those markets where the best opportunities lie for your specific product or service. This lowers the risk of new market entry, saving you time and money.

How it works Using a straight-forward, objective and transparent methodology we will help you determine criteria that differentiate overseas markets. Using our bespoke market selection software, we can chart these criteria across two dimensions of demand and ease, enabling you to decide which markets to target next. A market selection analysis meeting


selection is just the first step in

developing your export plan’

typically takes up to two hours, after which you will receive a comprehensive report, access to the data, and the online portal. Market selection is just the first step in

developing your export plan, further desk-based and in-country market research may be required, and our team can help you through every stage.

Costs For as little as £750 we can identify current global demand for your products or services, and even supply detailed

information on potential buyers. If you’re serious about exporting, then

this can be a huge time saver. Prices start from £750 but due to the bespoke

nature of the service, prices vary for our market selection and market research services.

Get in touch now to discuss next steps:,

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