Creating a bespoke digital framework

Does your company need to update the digital framework of your business? Business West Chamber member, Workspace Technology tells us how they helped Bridgewater College do this successfully.

Updating your digital framework means, in essence how you utilise it, store it, access it and administrate data in a modernised and energy-efficient manner.

Challenges As part of a campus wide digital services upgrade, Bridgwater College identified their legacy data centre as the primary location required for an essential refresh and enhancement. The college's progressive approach in the modernisation of their IT infrastructure had strict and defined objectives with solutions having to meet a defined criteria. Following a strict tender process, Bridgwater

College selected data centre specialist Workspace Technology to undertake the design and installation of their desired IT infrastructure solution. The end result needed to be an energy

efficient IT infrastructure platform that the college can operate effectively and that can grow over time to match any future increasing compute demands.

Solutions Workspace Technology deployed their EcoDesignTM Energy Efficiency Strategy to design the required Data Centre infrastructure upgrade. To fully understand the College's

requirements, several meetings were scheduled as part of the design phase of the project. Subsequently, several design solutions detailing the benefits and costs for each were presented. After careful consideration, Bridgwater College selected Workspace Technology's Prefabricated Modular Data Centre design as the best suited solution.

Results The college's I.T. Department highlighted that the key requirements for their solution needed to be 'economical and quick to deploy', 'highly energy efficient' and have the ability to be 'easily scalable' allowing their I.T infrastructure to grow in-line with the future compute demands and scheduled annual budgets. A Prefabricated Modular Data Centre

provided the college with the perfect solution, providing significant reduction in both cost and time to deploy, compared to a traditional build. This diverse modular self-contained system is delivered to site complete with cabinets, cooling and power distribution. Based on Workspace Technology's EcoDesignTM strategy, the MDC is designed to reduce carbon emissions through design and technology. A strict design review and agreement regime was implemented by Workspace Technology to

ensure that the delivery team were able to engineer absolute levels of accuracy, which paid back many times over by ensuring first time success resulting in the project being completed in time and within budget. The implementation of risk analysis to every

potential failure scenario enabled the team to eliminate the loss of customer service through engineering excellence and innovation.

Why they joined the Chamber of

Commerce “We decided to join the Chamber of Commerce as we believe that the Chamber provides a platform to network in order to make connections and identify future opportunities by putting businesses in front of the right people.” Amit Singala, Workspace Technology.

FACTFILE COMPANY:Workspace Technology Ltd LOCATION: Birmingham.

WHAT WE DO: A data centre design, build and maintenance solutions provider. They design and implement agile, quality and expertly engineered data centre infrastructure solutions.

HISTORY: Founded in 2004, the company was originally created by Managing Director Roy Griffiths to address the growing demands in the mid-2000s for specialist Data Centre Design & Build expertise. Since then Workspace Technology has quickly established itself as a trusted data centre delivery partner.


NAME: Rohan Roy POSITION: Policy Assistant E: T: 01275 373373

What does your role at Business West involve? My job is primarily to support the core policy areas that Business West is interested in – planning, transport and Brexit. I help the Policy Unit fulfil its function as the nexus between the local business community and the politics of Brexit. I also attend events, policy discussions and lectures, including at the Festival of Ideas in Bristol and the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.

What were you doing before you worked at Business West? I previously did an internship at the White Rose Consortium in Brussels. The Consortium consists of the universities of York, Sheffield and Leeds and represents these in the funding capital. The role of involved research and intel gathering, as well as hosting and attending events by academics, interest parties and NGOs.

What is the most unusual business you’ve encountered? The Natural Theatre Company. They do theatre and acting for all scenarios – street performance, corporate events, festivals and anything else. It seemed like a really diverse business which is constantly changing its operation – not only the performances but also the variety in the type of client and their needs.

What is your top tip for anyone starting out in business? My experience in this area derives solely from my experience of creating a proto- business when I was 11. I set up ‘Fish Production Co’, where I drew customised cartoon fish for my classmates. They were actually pretty popular, but I didn’t charge for them. In retrospect, this was not a sustainable business model. My top tip is charge for your product.

What are your interests outside work? Outside of work I’m passionate about music (listening and playing), books, climbing, fitness and whichever random hobby I’ve decided to try that month.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? Ever the nerd, I wanted to be an academic or work in the UN.

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