Experienced developer partners with Go Develop to deliver a stunning new 24 home development

cost of a fantastic new development in Audlem, Cheshire. At Go Develop, property is in our DNA. We fully understand what SME housebuilders are facing. We know that profits are often embed- ded in work in progress and that most good developers often have more schemes and opportunities than funds available. With planning permission in place for the demolition of an existing bungalow and construction of 24 new homes, full funding certainty was delivered for this Audlem development, covering everything from land and build to stamp duty and soft costs – no fees or deductions. This exciting residential scheme consists of


seven affordable homes and 17 open market homes with a good mix of sizes; 10 x 3 bedroom houses, 10 x 4 bedroom houses and 4 x 5 bedroom houses. Each home is built to exacting and uncompromising standards and offer outstanding value. The generous living areas, high-quality specification and beautiful panoramic views provide the perfect area for young couples and families, right in the heart of Cheshire. The developer was impressed with our

professional approach, speed of funding and the benefits offered from of a great long-term strategic partnership. When during construc- tion, poor ground conditions and adverse weather caused some delays and budget


successful developer approached Go Develop via his broker for 100 per cent joint venture funding to cover the entire

revision, we were flexible, as the developer explains… “Go Develop won’t abandon a project half

way down the road, they are driven to make things happen and supported our project from end-to-end. Not only did they provide funding but they also took on the admin and provided a whole range of services to help us reach our goal.” There is a whole team of dedicated and

experienced property experts from accounting and legals to marketing and sales to draw on at Go Develop. All the strain and drain of VAT returns and administration are removed allowing the developer to get on with what they do best. The criteria is kept simple: full planning

permission needs to be in place, with a project that’s up to 24 months duration and a GDV between £2-£15million. It should involve a multi-unit residential new build or conversion and of course if the developer has some experience that’s a great advantage. There also needs to be a margin of 25 per cent on GDV pre-finance. In the Audlem scheme, a new ‘SPV’ was set up the same day for the developer, to hold the project until it was finished and sold, and a profit share contract was created for both parties. £5,831,973 was provided over 20 months and on completion and sale of the property the profit has been divided with the developer getting the lion’s share. It’s the start of many projects together. We pride ourselves on being easy to do

Midway through construction – Whole team of dedicated property experts to support you every step of the way.

The site – 100 per cent of land, build, stamp duty and project costs covered

business with and our 92 per cent rate of returning partners is testament to that. We also believe in rewarding our brokers and introducers with some of the best introductory fees in the Industry. Why not take a look at a selection of case studies on – with over 1,100 units under construction, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

020 8974 4705

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