Evinox Comment on Changes to Hot Water Services in NHBC Standards for 2019

and working to help improve the construction quality of the homes they build. They recently announced the launch of their


2019 Standards, which will become effective from 1st

January 2019. The standards apply to

all properties with foundations laid on or after that date. Evinox are happy to see some updates to ‘Hot

water services’ in the new standards, where changes have been made to some of the flow rates and supply temperatures at the outlets. For example, the supply temperature at the kitchen sink has been reduced from the previous 60C to 55C, which is in line with the delivery temperature that was selected for the majority of Heat Networks, during the last year. Helen Gibbons, Evinox Technical and Design

Manager, Comments, “This change to the outlet temperature is a very positive development as it will enable district and communal heating system flow temperatures to be reduced, something which is especially important for the growth of 4th Generation Heat Networks in the UK. In addition, the lowered DHW temperature

he NHBC is the UK’s leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes, setting standards for registered builders

combined with the new table in the NHBC standard for simultaneous hot water use, will give design engineers the confidence to reduce the kW demand for individual properties, something which will improve both efficiency and cost of UK Heat Networks.” Helen continued, “whilst we are very happy to see that the required temperature from the

OMNIE UFH warms Cotswold stone homes

A development of six new five-bedroom detached properties, close to Cirencester town centre, whose construction features the area’s distinctive natural Cotswold Limestone, is making full use of the benefits to the ClipPlate system and other products from the range of OMNIE Limited. ClipPlate is amongst

the most popular options to OMNIE’s LayFast brands: being compact and suitable for in-screed applications. Pipe runs are simply pressed into the profiles without the need for joints and resist being disturbed as the screed is laid. OMNIE offers a full range of solutions for rapid completion and restricted construction depths, as well as its TileOver range.

01392 363605

kitchen outlet has been lowered to 55C for 2019, we do hope to see this further reduced to 50C for heat network developments using instantaneous DHW heat interface units in the near future.”

01372 722277

Domus launches specification guide

Domus Ventilation, part of the Polypipe group, has launched an in-depth Specification Guide, covering its full range of award winning, energy efficient ventilation products for the domestic and light commercial markets, plus Best Practice Guides drawing on the company’s extensive

knowledge in the ventilation sector. The full range of Domus Ventilation products are included within the new Specification Guide, including the recently released high performance HRXE Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) and the highly energy-efficient CMX Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) units; including the brand new CMX-MULTI which boasts the best Specific Fan Power (SFP) on the market. Introducing: new “Pent A Boost”

Arrow Valves, firm believers in continuous product development, has improved an all-time customer favourite, its model Pent-A-Boost – compact domestic booster set. Primarily designed for boosting water pressure for penthouse suites and other tall buildings, the unit requires minimal space for installation, e.g. stairwells, and will fit through a standard doorway. The company has addressed the issue of stagnant water that can be associated with horizontal vessels, potentially promoting bacterial growth, by introducing a vertical flow through vessel. Arrow Valves introduced an automatic Bypass Valve as standard, providing water at mains pressure in the event of power cuts or maintenance. The company anticipated that some applications require higher pressure, so it has introduced higher pressure models, now ranging from 1-10 bar at 1.0 l/s, and 1-8 bar at 2.0 l/s. The new Pent-A-Boost is more efficient as Arrow Valves use IE5 motors in all of the pumps, all models are variable speed, but all of this is within the same compact unique footprint. Contact Arrow Valves today.


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