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When they land at Heathrow, they shouldn’t just turn east to London…

The Thames Valley is a powerhouse in the UK economy ...

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Facing up to business stress writes Peter Wright, partner, Haines Watts

But how well does the region promote itself globally? How well-known is the Thames Valley in, say, the US or Far East?

Can the region do more to attract inward investment and build trade bridges between this area and global markets?

With or without Brexit, the Thames Valley is in search of a powerful identity and a strong promotional package.

Yet the Thames Valley has so much to offer – from location to tech clusters, from quality companies to skilled professional services and a renowned knowledge base.

The Business Magazine plans a key seminar on June 11, 2019:

Thames Valley: global leader

Sponsored by property intelligence specialists CoStar, the seminar will be staged alongside a special section on the region to appear in both digital and print formats. In addition, a White Paper will be produced for overseas markets in the US and elsewhere – featuring the region’s success stories, presentations from the seminar and local business profiles.

The seminar and feature section will also be an opportunity for firms that have grown in the Thames Valley – from tech companies to professional services – to tell the region’s business community about their success.

Further sponsorships are available for the event – with opportunities to present – and space is available for either editorial or advertisements in the special section and White Paper.

Contact Peter Laurie for more details:

For the majority of business owners, their relationship with their business is a mixture of joy, a sense of purpose and inevitably a share of headaches. Sometimes, there are times when the pressures of work can accumulate. Three quarters of business owners admit in private that running a business affects their mental health. Nearly 15% of owners feel that their mental health is a major concern, yet only a very small proportion seek help.

What can business owners do to manage the pressure? Take a break

Make sure you have gaps in your calendar to do things you enjoy. Play some sport, have a short break, indulge in a hobby – primarily switch off from the business.

Avoid money worries

Juggling business and personal finance can be the biggest source of stress. Business planning can help identify the pinch points and how to deal with them.

Build a trusted team

The owner knows everything about the business as they build it up. It is important, though, to develop a committed management team. This will not only take some of the pressure off the owner, but ultimately add value to the business.

Regain your perspective

Recall why you first went into business and why you enjoy it. If your goals have changed, maybe it is time to re-adjust your priorities.

Talk to someone

The proverb ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ is very apt. By speaking with someone, maybe a family member or a friend, you can get impartial advice and support. The most important aspect is to spot when business issues are going beyond the everyday and getting you down – then you need to act.

If your mental health is negatively affected by your business, there is lots of support available.

Mind, the mental health charity support over 513,000 people across England and Wales. They make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. Mind provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.

For more information go to: 46 THE BUSINESS MAGAZINE – JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019

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