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Breathing Room Growing Cities Must Add Woodlands

The U.S. Forest Service has determined that as the acreage of urban environments more than doubles between 2010 and 2060, green spaces and urban forests need to expand to maintain air quality, moderate climate change and lower energy use. The federal agency, a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, favors an increase in the tree canopy that can save cities billions of dollars in pollution removal, energy efficiency and carbon sequestration. In China, air pollution is such a

serious problem that it was responsible for a third of all deaths there in 2016. The government has deployed troops to plant a 32,400-square-mile, pollution-absorbing “sponge” of forested land around Beijing, China’s densely populated and highly polluted capital city.

Yule Be Sorry Live Christmas Tree Shortages

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, more than 27 million holiday trees were purchased in the U.S. last year. But during the Great Recession of 2007 to 2009, growers didn’t have the funds to plant adequately, and smaller crops are just starting to hit the market now, creating higher prices. Some varieties take up to 12 years to reach holiday height. Exports from the Pacific Northwest will be

down about 1.5 million trees this year, according to Ken Cook, whose McKenzie Farms has 8 million trees planted across 10,000 acres in Oregon. “There’s a huge shortage of Christmas trees, and it’ll continue to be that way for at least 10 years,” says the 80-year-old farmer. Supplies are also somewhat diminishing in

North Carolina and Michigan, which have the nation’s second- and third-largest Christmas tree outputs, respectively. More households now put up faux trees than real trees. One benefit

of real trees stems from their ability to capture carbon dioxide and produce oxygen as they grow. They’re also biodegradable and are usually shipped regionally, not from overseas.

Changing the Way America Treats Pain™

Migun has been successfully alleviating pain for over 20 years! • Back Pain • Chronic Pain • Whiplash

• Fibromyalgia • Arthritis Pain • Sports Injuries

• Stress/Anxiety • Relaxes Muscles • Old Injuries

• Pain from Chemotherapy • Circulation Improvement • Chronic Fatigue

A Migun Therapy session is a comfortable, relaxing, enjoyable, stress-relieving, heated mechanical massage and acupressure treatment. You remain fully clothed. It provides pain relief, relaxation,

improved circulation, encourages proper spinal alignment and provides acupressure along the sides of the spine to release pain and help bring the body back into balance.

Grand Opening Special

Two Free Sessions of Migun Therapy Expires: 12-31-2018

Migun Medical Therapy Products 1001 Aviation Parkway Suite #600, Morrisville, NC 27560 919-891-3566 •

The intended use of this product is to provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, temporary relief of minor joint pain associated with arthritis, and muscle relaxation therapy by delivering heat, soothing massage and temporary increase in circulation where applied. Any other benefits were not evaluated by the FDA.

8 NA Triangle

FDA Approved. Can be used without a prescription.

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