Tested and approved Tilt & Turn window hardware achieves a superior, slimmer Juliet balcony.


ith the increase in the number of new build properties coupled with a change in the style of building devel-

opments over recent years the rise of Juliet balconies has been apparent within the UK housing sector. Here at MACO we pride ourselves on not only producing the highest quality in premium hardware across the door and window spectrum but also our innovation across this sector. Looking at the Juliet Balcony system, we were

able to utilise our Part Q and PAS24 tested and approved Tilt & Turn window hardware to achieve a superior, slimmer Juliet balcony door. In using this proven hardware system, boasting our high security i.S. locking cam technology, results in a full perimeter locking system for both opening doors. In using tilt and turn fittings, the locking system is operated by inter- nal handles, being smaller and slimmer than traditional Juliet balcony door handle sets the

ascetics of the door set are further enhanced, however the benefits go much further. As well as the security benefits, offered by our high security MULTI Matic range, another benefit are the slim sightlines of the sash and an increased glass area, flooding the room with more natural daylight. The use of concealed hinges enhance the smooth sightlines further on any Juliet Balcony door system, and enables them to be produced with a slimmer outer frame, whilst not sacrificing the weight of the door. Each sash can weigh up to 180Kg allowing for acoustic and triple glazed glass units, further enhancing the energy efficiency of the door sets. The MACO Juliet Balcony system is suitable for all material types, PVC, Aluminium and timber systems can all be accommodated. As well as letting in more natural daylight,

ventilation is further improved. One of the two doors can be tilted to give a safe and secure ventilation at the head of the door. This tilt

function allows for an efficient ventilation of the room whilst restricting the opening through the doors, enabling safe ventilation of a room when it is unoccupied. As with traditional door sets both sashes are openable to 90 degrees, restric- tor arms integrated into the doors ensure that the sashes do not freely swing in the wind. The advantage to the homeowner are, better

energy efficiency, allowing for more natural daylight into the home as well giving a better views from the reduced profile lines. If you would like more information or have

any questions on the MACO Tilt & turn Juliet Balcony please E-mail or call us. Follow us on Twitter @UKMACO and search

MACO Door and Window Hardware on LinkedIn to keep up to date on all latest product innova- tions and news from us here at MACO.

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