website for architects, urban designers, engineers and other specifiers, at all stages of the design process. Concrete block paving, flags, kerbs and

related products play a key role in urban design, public realm and the spaces around and between buildings. In particular, concrete block permeable paving is the most versatile, multifunctional solution to meet Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) requirements. The new website provides an essential

resource covering all aspects of design with precast concrete products, including an inspirational project gallery and case studies, supported by background information for early design stages, as well as CPD. A comprehensive series of technical documents covering all types of precast concrete paving products provide the definitive source of guidance for specifiers and contrac- tors – including detailing, construction and maintenance. Over the coming weeks, several new or

New Paving Resource Launched T

he trade association Interpave has just launched its new hard landscape, commercial paving and SuDS resource

updated Interpave technical and educational documents will be launched and specifiers can register on the website to be kept up-to- date with the latest publications and projects. Representing major UK manufacturers, Interpave promotes and develops precast

concrete paving as a modern, flexible and sustainable technology for applications ranging from hard landscape to the heaviest-duty commercial pavements.

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An evolution in colour P

owder coating has transformed the metal finishing world and made the use of metal, in all forms of construction,

increasingly exciting for architects. While high impact colour statements enhance many townscapes, the beauty of metal itself is making a resurgence as an impressive design feature. Recent trends are towards naturally weathered metals and Powdertech Corby has responded with its own flagship collection, Evolution™, a range of powder coatings offering the organic, natural look of metal patination. The name ‘Evolution™’ reflects the

changes in appearance that occur as metals evolve, in their natural state, when exposed to the atmosphere. The colours and textures caused by rust on iron, blue-green verdigris oxidation on copper, and other metal patinas are all visually attractive and recognised for their natural beauty. Of course, metal in this state is not fit for purpose – it is decaying and losing its integrity. Evolution™ powder coatings offer the best of both worlds; the desired appearance of weathered metal

together with high level protection against weathering for your metal. The powders used for Evolution™ are all

of architectural specification, meeting all necessary Qualicoat and British/European standards. Customers expect the highest possible quality and all products used are rigorously tested for durability, corrosion protection and colour stability. Our unique process, carried out under controlled conditions, results in a finish that is suitable for internal and external architectural applications with a natural and authentic variation in appearance that will be unique to every customer. Evolution™ takes patination into new realms with seventy-two different shades currently. Continuing with an evolution theme, these shades are grouped into five ranges – Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Steam Age to Modern Day. With Evolution ™, designers and architects

can employ the strength and versatility of metal and celebrate its beauty by protecting it with a coating that not only ensures longevity but reflects how its appearance


: Bronze Age range, ‘Aged Copper’

would evolve over time, in the natural environment. Specifiers and manufacturers can select the powders with full confidence in their suitability and performance, confirmed by Powdertech’s twenty-five-year guarantee.


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