Friendly Hauraton surface drainage system installed

allocated for indoor and outdoor dog exercise areas. The Centre’s buildings are designed to provide visitor friendly facilities for training sessions and demonstrations on how to improve dog behaviour. Visitors will also be able to learn more about different breeds and their responsibilities as owners.


he new Dogs Trust Manchester Re-homing Centre includes kennels for 61 dogs with abundant space

Of course, keeping the kennels and exercise

areas clean, fresh and hygienic is a major consideration in the design of such a facility. Contractors McPhillips were keen to provide the best possible surface water drainage system, so asked Hauraton to supply their recommended channels for trial at the Trust’s Loughborough Centre. Hauraton specified FASERFIX® with FIBRETEC®

KS 100 channels fitted moulded gratings. The test

installation proved very successful and with everyone liking the product, the KS surface drainage system was chosen for the Manchester project. FASERFIX®

KS channels are made from

Fibre Reinforced Concrete (FRC), and for this project, were specified with stainless steel pressings permanently moulded along their exposed top edges making the whole unit resistant to any cleaning fluids used. The material, PA-GF is used to make the FIBRETEC®

Hauraton some years ago and has proved

itself in numerous demanding drainage applications. The fibre reinforced plastic moulding is corrosion resistant and offers high stability and huge strength for its weight. Indeed the Class C250 (BSEN 1433) 8mm slotted grating, can take the weight of a commercial vehicle if necessary. With emphases on detailed design, the grating is very appropriate for use in areas where a visually appealing and chemically resistant product is important. Each channel assembly features the company’s patented SIDE-LOCK boltless fixing system which allows for quick fitting or removal of the gratings. For example, 10 metres of 0.5m long gratings can be fitted or removed in about 70 seconds – a big advantage if the channels need clearing.

grating. This was developed by 01582 501380

An artist’s vision is brought to life T

he auditorium for the Humanities Division of Uppsala University (Humanistiska Teatern) is an

innovative and unique building designed in the shape of a horseshoe. Unlike traditional lecture halls, the horseshoe-shaped design of this unique building allows all in the auditorium to see and hear each other, encouraging both speakers and attendees to participate in lectures and debates. This unusual building is encapsulated in a spectacular facade created from over 300

perforated aluminium sheets. The vision of artist Ann Lislegaard has been brought to life by using RMIG ImagePerf technology to transfer her intricate design to the metal sheets. White Arkitekter has been awarded the prestigious Swedish architectural prize PLÅT18, in recognition of the innovative use of perforated metal.

01925 839610


Humanistiska Teatern, Uppsala University

University campus auditorium, Sweden

Architects: White Arkitekter Artist: Ann Lislegaard

Technical Characteristics

Raw material: Aluminium EN AW-5754

Pattern: RMIG ImagePerf Thickness: 3.0 mm

Finishing operations: Bending Surface treatment: Powder coating

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