BUILDING FABRIC & EXTERIORS Red Dot recognises Ultra Quiet heat pump

Mitsubishi Electric’s Ultra Quiet Ecodan PUHZ-AA air source heat pump range has been presented the Red Dot Award for Product Design. The Ecodan units are designed to provide homes with reliable, trouble free renewable heating and hot water. The design of the new Ultra Quiet unit is highly compact, and the colour combination of white and anthracite exudes a simple yet elegant appeal, with the dark colour of the fan section underlining its unobtrusive design. The Red Dot Award is

judged by an international jury of experts, who said that, “the design of this air-to-water outdoor unit has been thought out to the last detail. Its unobtrusive appearance easily blends into different types of buildings.”

01707 278666 Mitsubishi Electric creates social communities

With the government forecasting that heat pumps will overtake gas heating over the next decade and to coincide with the launch of Mitsubishi’s Ultra Quiet Ecodan air source heat pump, two social communities, on Facebook and Instagram have been set up to provide consumers and heating installers with regular updates and tips on the company’s latest efficient, renewable heating systems. The Facebook page offers a selection of videos and images that provide information on the Ultra Quiet Ecodan, detailing its uses, specifications and unique characteristics that

set it apart from alternative heating solutions. On the Instagram page, followers will be treated to a range of graphics that highlight the benefits of choosing to install the Ultra Quiet Ecodan.

01707 278666 W20 screen and doorsets complete kitchen

The inherent strength and slim sightlines characteristic of W20 steel sections have enabled a member of the Steel Window Association to create a large screen with two sets of double doors: elegantly linking an expanded kitchen dining area with the rear garden. Steel Window Service & Supplies carried out the design, manufacture and installation of the multilight screen, which measures 4,484mm x 3,427mm high. The frames are hot dip galvanised prior to being finished in a

polyester powder paint system. W20 and W40 steel windows and doors meet the requirements of the Building Regulations in new-build as well as refurbishment situations. A sliding door kit you can install yourself

Scrigno have produced a pocket door kit that’s intuitive and easy-to-assemble while being great value for money. A stand-out feature of the kit is that a single unit can be adjusted to fit a variety of standard UK door widths. Installation is simple and accurate thanks to the ‘snap-together’ positioning system and pre-marked size guides. A double sliding door system can also be achieved by uniting two single door kits. All the necessary accessories are included in each kit. The kits are designed for wooden

doors that are 35-44 mm thick and up to 100 kg in weight. The kits aren’t limited to just wooden doors, a glass conversion kit is available that allows you to fit a stylish glass door that’s between 8-10 mm thick.

Garador offers full range of door sizes

There are lots of reasons why people today are requiring larger garages. Vehicles can be bigger; and garages are often used to keep fitness or equipment. Larger garages can be built without problem thanks to the range of extra wide garage doors available from Garador.

British garage door manufacturer Garador offers a selection of its popular Up & Over garage doors in especially large sizes all the way up to 5000mm wide and Sectional garage doors up to 5500mm wide.

“Larger garages are becoming especially popular in new builds and in conversions,” said Neil Discombe, Managing Director of Garador. “We offer a range of large door sizes all produced within our own manufacturing group to maintain product quality.”

Garador’s larger doors can easily be fitted with a GaraMatic electric door operator for a quiet, smooth and fast automatic opening.

For more information contact Garador by calling or visit their website. 01935 443795

36 september/october 2018

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