neighbours. It’s a big contrast to when we lived in the house on the site, when it was a rarity to see people, now we regularly chat in the street! Most people are really interested in what we are building and how it’s going.

The site is very visible as it’s on the

main road into Allestree, and we wanted to make sure that it was safe. The plot backs onto the rec, which attracts hundreds of people every day. Football teams, children in the play park, the Allestree cricket club and dog walkers all share the space, and we have made it easy for them to get information about the site. One thing that we did was visit the local primary school to talk to them about what was being built on the site. Along with construction safety expert (Suzanne from Kedleston Safety), we instilled in them the importance of staying safe, and even ran a competition for site safety posters. Suzanne wrote the site safety manual for the build. We went back to deliver prizes and visitors to the site get both the official safety posters as well as the winning designs from three of the pupils. We also showed the school children video footage of the house being demol-

ished, so we had their full attention. It was a really good opportunity to talk positively to children about jobs in construction. The build is in full swing now. By far the most exciting part of the build was watching a tonne of steel being craned into place. Ominously – on Friday 13 July – possibly the largest crane Allestree Rec had ever seen hoisted the eight metre reinforcement over the top of the trees and into position on the upright steels already in situ. This creates the opening for the wide span glass doors and maintains the stability of the back of

Patiomaster doors delivered in 48 hours

Framexpress, the four hour quotes, 48-hour windows fabricator has added Patiomaster doors to its two day delivery service. The system is known in the industry as one of the best in-line sliding PVCu patio door systems on the market. Buying Patiomaster by Framexpress means that the opening can be built before you order the system, to ensure a precise fit, and faster installation. With 20 years’ supplying the industry with PVCu windows and doors, we understand the challenges that

can occur on site. That’s why we have built the Framexpress hassle-free service. For more information on Framexpress, you can visit the website or give us a call.

01952 581100 Remmers showcase at Exhibition

Environmentally-friendly and sustainable aren’t just buzzwords for Remmers (UK) Ltd, who will showcase their new LW-722 [eco] stain finish at the W18/Elements Exhibition which starts on 30th September. Replacing fossil fuels with biomass process technology, they have used cutting edge technology to create a coating that protects both wooden windows and the environment. Remmers (UK) offers options for factory and site application, including state-of- the-art, environmentally and user-friendly,

water-based systems. Remmers’ customer-focused approach is backed by a team with decades of experience in the British wood protection industry. For more information please contact Remmer’s or visit their website.

01293 594010 16

the house. Talking of glazing – that’s the bit we are working on at the moment. There’s a lot of it, and it’s integral to the overall design of the house. We have been given a date to complete the build of the end of February 2019, at the moment we are a couple of weeks behind schedule, but we are looking to recoup that over the next few weeks.

Sarah and Andy will be sharing the next steps of the Number 41 build in the November/December issue of Selfbuilder + Homemaker.

Winner of Dulux academy challenge

Barrie Thompson, a professional decorator based in North London won the 2017 Dulux Academy Design and Decorating Challenge. Run in partnership with Graham and Brown, wallpaper supplier partner to Dulux Academy, entrants were asked to submit their own wallpaper design and take part in an installation challenge. Barrie explained “This competition has been a valuable experience and I have since taken advantage of the courses available at the Dulux Academy, including Mural Effects

and Feature Walls, which has given me the opportunity to develop my industry knowledge and really enhance the technical expertise I can offer my clients.” New board member appointed

A civil and structural engineering consultancy has announced details of a key new senior management appointment. Manchester-based Rhodes & Partners has appointed Dr Jennifer Capp PhD MEng as a director of the company, in a move which is part of a wider restructuring programme that has been implemented to accommodate the consultancy’s continuing growth. Established over 25 years ago, Rhodes & Partners has earned an enviable reputation as a leading structural and civil

engineering specialist. The business offers a full range of professional services and operates across a wide range of both large-scale commercial and smaller domestic projects.

0161 427 8388 september/october 2018

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