Celebrating Five Retiring Preschool Teachers


Te First Presbyterian Church of Allentown Preschool was particularly blessed with an increase in enrollment this past year, reaching more children with the blessings of early childhood education and growth of community through the use of the church’s beautiful new playground and special events such as Pastor Jack Haberer’s weekly Wednesday chapel with the children.

Te preschool has also been blessed with the commitment and dedication of exceptional teachers, five of whom retired at the end of the 2017–2018 school year. Meda Henry, Andrea Moczydlowski, Mary Ellen Moczydlowski, Colleen Ritter, and Carole Yezefski gifted the weekday program with their creative talents, kindness, and lifelong passion for learning for many years. Tey will truly be missed!

Preschool teachers, the Preschool Committee, and Pastor Jack celebrated the retiring teachers and their achievements with

Children of First Presbyterian’s preschool presented retiring teachers with a banner featuring hearts with student names and a message of appreciation. Te banner adorned the Commons during a luncheon honoring the teachers’ years of dedicated service.

a May 23 luncheon, where the teachers enjoyed reminiscing about young lives they have touched and lasting impressions they have left upon so many. Five new teachers are now joining the preschool to begin new journeys of their own.

The Call to Financial Discipleship

As disciples of Jesus Christ, each of us is called to certain responsibilities. One of those is the investment in and support of Christ’s church, both within the walls of a local congregation and beyond those walls to serve its mission to the world. Tank you to the many faithful disciples of FPCA who have financially provided for our church’s operating budget and other financial needs. Your gifts are truly appreciated and have made an enormous difference in the lives of so many.

Our church needs your continued generous support to thrive and grow today to help ensure that it flourishes for our future generations. In return, the church helps provide us and future generations with both ethical and moral compasses in a culture that sorely misses and really needs them.

Yes, God is calling you—calling you to be a disciple; calling you to participate in ministry by offering a portion of your

financial resources, no matter the size of your gift; calling you to recognize that every gift presented to God is sacred and allows the church and all its people to be the vessels through which God’s justice, grace, hope, and love might be made known.

So that the leaders of FPCA may plan for the 2019 ministry of the church, you are also being called upon to indicate your financial intentions by dedicating your Financial Commitment Card along with the other members of our church community on October 14.

Just as the members of the early church pooled their resources, we are called to pool our resources so that care for each other, programs for children and youth, opportunities for learning and growth, times of fellowship, worship of our God, and mission outreach to the community all continue to thrive today, tomorrow, and into our future.


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