contributions of other social interactions and emotional dimensions. For nearly 40 years, James Oschman,

Ph.D., author of Energy Medicine: Te Scientific Basis, has been conducting research in physiology and the biophysics of energy medicines worldwide, includ- ing at Cambridge University, in England, and Case Western Reserve University, in Cleveland, Ohio. “Medical doctors are unaware of the

body’s energy field because they aren’t taught anything about it or physics in medical school. Although the vast majority believe there is no science behind energy medicine or any that proves the body even has an energy field, it is real and has been measured,” says Oschman. He’s passionate about including energy

medicine in healing, and says, “To under- stand the human body, health and healing, you have to look at all dimensions without any exclusions. No aspect of science, med- icine or life should be leſt out. All medical interventions and everything you do to the body involves energy. An awareness of this

can fully transform any medical approach.” Jonas experienced the energetic di-

mension of healing when his wife, Susan, was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Although skeptical, he tried the process of laying his hands on her while imagining a soſt, white light filled with love being transmitted through the top of his head, down through his hands and into her body. “I knew of the dozens of experiments done at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. When meditating individuals put their hands around test tubes containing immune cells, the amount of infrared radia- tion emanating from their hands increased, which stimulated the immune cells to pro- duce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy-producing molecule found in all cells. Aſter this exposure, those cells survived better when hit with stresses such as heat and chemical shocks,” says Jonas. “Susan said that she could feel some-

thing and fell asleep. Te next day, she felt less fatigued, slept less and was more active. From then on, I cut back on travel and made sure my body—in all its

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physical, social and emotional dimen- sions—was around,” says Jonas. To help patients and doctors expand

their own perspectives, Jonas has devel- oped a healing-oriented practices and envi- ronments (HOPE) consultation protocol ( It includes questions a doctor or patient can use to spark pivotal lifestyle changes that cover op- timal healing dimensions—inner, interper- sonal, behavioral and external—to evaluate measures that facilitate or hamper healing. Sincerely responding to the answers

shows results. “With chronic diseases, it can almost always enhance wellness and well-being, and improve function, whether the disease is cured or not,” says Jonas. Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Nat-

ural Awakenings. Connect at

Healing emerges when we support and strengthen the connections within us—body, behavior, social and spirit—making us more whole.

—Wayne Jonas


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