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It is a testament to the inte- grated nature of our industry that there is rarely a delay be- tween the release of the dis- play and appropriate mounts and enclosures.

New flagship conferencing solution from Logitech

Logitech has announced a pre- mium modular conferencecam, called Logitech Rally, which is said to deliver studio-quality vid- eo, exceptional audio clarity, and an automated video conferencing experience that can be tailored to your meeting space. Rally fea- tures Ultra-HD 4K video, modu- lar audio components, expansive PTZ capabilities and Logitech RightSense technology that au- tomatically frames people, opti- mises colour and luminance for human faces, and improve vocal clarity for better meetings. The modular design makes it ideal for everyday conference rooms as well as boardrooms, classrooms and large meeting spaces. “Logitech has enjoyed great success with its affordable USB conferencecams which work well in traditional meeting rooms and huddle spaces,” said Ira M. Weinstein, Managing Part- ner, Recon Research. “But until now, Logitech lacked a premium

phones. By mounting speakers near the display, the audio is bet- ter aligned with video, and voices of far-end participants come from the front of the room, which is what people intuitively expect. Thoughtful cable management enables custom deployments and integration by AV professionals. Premium materials streamlined cabling and sleek industrial de- sign complement architectural spaces and high-end furnishings. Logitech Rally is compatible with almost any video conferencing service, such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet, Zoom, BlueJeans and more.

Customers may purchase Log- itech Rally through the Logitech Video Collaboration reseller net- work. The standalone Logitech Rally Camera will be available this summer for a suggested re- tail price of £1,299. Logitech Rally system, which includes Ral- ly Camera, plus table and display

Page 12 InfoComm 2018 highlights

InfoComm 2018 visitors were drawn from all 50 United States and 108 other coun- tries, with some 20 percent of attendees from outside the U.S. AV News reports.

Avocor and Microsoft partner on new collaboration displays

Avocor is Working with Mic- rosoft to introduce Windows collaboration solutions - a new category of large interactive dis- plays that will help teams con-

are fully compatible with Win- dows 10 and deliver the power and productivity of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams at room scale. They offer people new

and productivity. Companies that promote collaborative working are five times as likely to be high-performing. Ruston Panabaker, Vice President IoT solutions at Mi- crosoft commented: “We are thrilled that Avocor is working with us to launch the Windows collaboration display category, and that they are bringing a line of innovative displays to market that will be compatible with Windows 10 applications, touchscreen and inking capa- bilities.”

The Avocor F-50 series is available now in three sizes, including 86- inch (AVF-8650), 75-inch (AVF-7550) and the 65-inch (AVF-6550).

nect, collaborate and perform. The new category of displays is said to feature the world’s most advanced touchscreen technol- ogies to enhance collaboration and enable teamwork. The new collaboration displays

Avocor F series

Logitech Rally Plus adds a second speaker and mic pod; it will be available at a suggested retail price of $2,499

offering for larger spaces. The Rally portfolio gives Logitech the opportunity to move up-market and extend the reach of its con- ferencecam line-up. Based on what I’ve seen, Rally has the po- tential to be as disruptive as the earlier Logitech conferencecam solutions”

Unlike traditional video confer- encing systems, Rally separates the speakers from the micro-

hubs that minimise cross-room cabling, one speaker and one mic pod, will be available this Fall at a suggested retail price of $1,999, and Logitech Rally Plus, which adds a second speaker and mic pod, will be available at a suggested retail price of $2,499. Euro and sterling prices are TBC. The system can be expanded with additional Mic Pods, available at a suggested retail price of $349.

While we have to wait to see the fruits of Av- ocor’s new Microsoft partnership on collab- oration displays, Avocor’s new 4K, 20-point touch F-50 was on show at InfoComm. An entirely new platform, the F series is said to offer a unique combination of display tech- nology and touchscreen innovation, compel- ling design and seamless integration into existing rooms, networks and compatibility with the UC hardware tools already in use. Boasting a superior touch and whiteboard experience because of the dramatically thin InGlass technology and Avocor’s proprietary engineering, the optically bonded F-50 series is “smooth, seamless and accurate down to each pixel,”


Logitech‘s MeetUp ConferenceCam & Dell Large Format Display

Logitech_Ad_AV_Mag_MeetUP_Dell_266x40_0518.indd 1 27.04.18 09:05

It’s described as “the ideal hardware to pair with the latest UC software tools, including Zoom Rooms and the Microsoft 365 ecosys- tem with Teams, Skype for Business and Whiteboard”, and to show Windows at room scale. Ultra-thin and lightweight, the Avocor F-50 series is available now in three sizes, including 86-inch (AVF-8650),


(AVF-7550) and the 65-inch (AVF-6550). The Avocor F-50 Series features the latest Intel OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) slot. The OPS slot supports HDMI 2.0 allow- ing for 4K content to be run at 60 mhz, while allowing for a modular PC to easily be add- ed to the display without any trailing cables. The displays feature a comprehensive range

of connectivity options, including 4 x HDMI 2.0, Display Port, VGA inputs as well as guest HDMI input on the side of the dis- play. The inclusion of a dedicated input for 3rd-party wireless connectivity boxes, such as Barco Clickshare or WePresent, delivers easy access to get devices and their content on the display.

The HDMI-out enables screen content to be easily shared with other displays. A speaker bar and mic array round out the collaboration experience. Prices range from $6,995 to (£4,295) for the AVF-6550, $8,995 (£5,295) for the AVF-7550 and $11,995 (£6,999) for the AVF-8650.

ways to connect, collaborate and deliver results. Both Avo- cor and Microsoft understand that the most effective busi- nesses have a team-based, collaborative culture and are focused on enabling creativity

The upcoming Windows collaboration product line by Avocor will feature integrated cameras, stereo speakers, far field microphones, and pens, and will easily connect to any Windows 10 PC via a single USB-C. In addition to being teamwork devices, Windows collaboration displays from Avocor

will include built-in

sensors that connect to Azure IoT, so facility managers can utilize the environmental data they collect to make real-time decisions.

Epson adds to Smart Glasses range

Epson has announced the Europe- an release of its latest version of its Moverio smart glasses, the BT-35E. Responding to customer feedback, Epson has developed its new smart glasses to be easily used in conjunc- tion with existing hardware, through HDMI and USB-C connectivity for almost zero latency. The result is a product that brings Epson’s optical expertise to an expanded audience for applications in healthcare, com- mercial drone piloting, engineering, entertainment and more. Valerie Riffaud-Cangelosi, Head of New Market Development, Epson Europe, says: “With these glasses, our aim is to bring the successes and advancements in our optical elements to a wider audience that can utilise them as a see-through display for their existing hardware.” Some typical uses of the BT-35E include:

• In healthcare, as a first or sec- ondary display. Instead of turning around to look at a monitor, a doc- tor can keep their focus on the pa- tient and maintain a more natural position.

• For engineering applications, as a first or secondary display for tasks that require low latency and im- proved efficiency, including remote assistance. • In entertainment, theme parks and museums it can be used to enhance the customer experience to play video content or to act as a heads-up display.

• For commercial drones, such as the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, it can be used as a secondary FPV display for controllers with a primary display and an HDMI output. The BT-35E is available from July 2018.

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