quotes for the repair of the gates to the playground area and have further notices placed in the area reminding dog owners of their responsibilities. Li�erAn email had been received regarding li�er on the verges alongAshford Road, particularly near the Biffa site. CllrArdley was to look into thema�er. Power praise The councilwished to thank Npowerwho removed a treewhich had partially fallen acrossGreenway Court Road. Fly-tipping Borough councillor Patrik Garten reminded the council and residents that every instance should be reported to MBC via thewebsite. Itwas hoped that the trial to open the Tovilwaste disposal site for longer two days aweekwould help reduce the amount of fly-tipping in the area. Speeding signs CllrArdley said therewere traffic signs in the village reminding road users of the 30mph speed limit. The perception of speeding and the number of vehicles driving throughHollingbourne remains a serious concern, but the problems can only be confirmedwith statistical information. CllrArdleywas to seek recommendation for the best places to put automatic traffic counters. Villagers are also concerned about agricultural vehicles passing through the village. The itemwas to be place on the finance commi�ee agenda. ParishAssemblyA�endancewas lower than on previous occasions, but the evening was very good. The production of the parish meetingminuteswas discussed and Cllr Ward suggested this be on the agenda for the next parishmeeting. Cllr Cobbe� said the villagewebsite had between 200 and 300 visitors a day and theminutes and planning applicationswere popular items. MillenniumGreen CllrWard confirmed that the legal teamatMBCwas progressing with the deed title transfer document of the MillenniumGreen for the parish council. TwinningAparty fromTempleuvewas due to a�end the village fete in June,with a return visit byHollingbourne in July. However, unless events and visitswere to take place in the sixmonths after July, itwas decided that the twinning commi�eewould bewound up and the bank funds transferred to theMeadows Trust appeal. Rail summit Cllr Cobbe� had a�ended the Kent Rail SummitMeetingwhere county

AHANDBAGand cashwere stolenwhen a SsangYong Tivoli parked on a driveway in CharlesfordAvenue,Kingswoodwas broken into. The handbagwas later recovered Awhite, 57-plateFordTransitvan,was

stolenfromFi�williamRoad,Boxley. Ablackandsilveroff-roadmotorbikewas

stolenwhenagarage at ahouse inForstal Road,Lenham,wasbrokeninto. Avehiclewhichhasbeendamagedseveral

timesbeforewas a�ackedagaininMerton Road,Bearsted. Thedriver’sdoorof a Seat Ibizawasdented

ina supermarket carparkinGrovewoodDrive North,GroveGreen.ABMW320parkedin the same carparkwas alsoscratchedina separate incident. Gardenfurniturewas stolenfromagardenin ChartwayStreet,Kingswood.

and borough councillor Shellina Prendergast had complained about the poor service from Hollingbourne, and thewithdrawal of one earlymorning service in the newtimetable.


Council posts CllrGove�was elected as chairman of the council in his absence,with Cllr China to serve as vice-chairman. Newcouncillor EtienneGreeff had applied to join the council, and his CVwas circulated. Itwas agreed to co-optMrGreeff onto the council. Relief RoadAresident fromLangley said she and her colleagues supported andwere campaigning for the relief road. She had a Facebook page called the Leeds Langley Relief RoadActionGroup,which had 235 members. Cllr Fort assured themthat the council supported the relief road. TrafficwoesAresident spoke regarding the problems of lorries in Leeds and parking on theAshford Road. Cllr China said he had a�ended ameetingwith the police and they were due to liaisewith traffic officers to see whether they could assist. The resident said the vibrations fromthe vehicleswas causing problems to her property. County councillor Gary Cooke said the 17-tonne restriction in accessing the village could be interpreted in manyways and that the enforcement of the ban is a high priority. County report Cllr Cooke said the interactive sign near the school had been damaged andwould not be replaced as it was not deemed safety critical,which he objected to given its proximity to the school. Investigationworkwas being undertaken on the relief road andwould be completed by March 29, 2019, followed by a public consultation on the options for the route. PCSOThe newPCSOfor the village introduced herself and spoke about the parishes she covers, gave a crime report and said shewould do her best to address the traffic issues in Leeds. Shewould investigate a report that carswere being repaired in garages at Brogden Crescent. Parishmaintenance CllrMartinwas looking into options for a gardener for the parish.A resident said street sweepingwas not being undertaken adequately, so Cllr Fortwas to investigate. Cllr China said the pavilion needed painting.Aresidentwas said to be

throwing debris fromtheir garden into the playing field. Cllr Fortwould investigate. Fly-tipping Itwas reported that therewas a lot of fly-tipping in Burberry Lane. Cllr Fort would liaisewithMBC.


Top jobs CllrGreenwoodwas elected as chairman of LenhamParish Council,with CllrWalmsley as vice-chairman. Rogue traders The communitywarden said rogue traderswere knocking on doors and offering roof repairs. Cold callerswere also offering changes of utility providers. Dog fouling The stencillingwork to deter dog fouling had been rescheduled,with the communitywarden and civic officer from MBC to highlight hot-spot areas. Toilets The running costs for the toilets are about £5,000 per year,with a £2,500 grant fromMBC. The facilities needed a complete refurbishment, so fundingwas to be investigated. CllrsGreenwood and Ratcliffe were towork on proposals for remodelled facilitieswith provision for disabled users. Neighbourhood PlanAtraffic assessment was being undertaken and a reportwill be available at the end ofAugust. Cllr Cocke� reported on theGlebe pond proposed improvementworks and the suggested transfer of the area to the LenhamMeadows Trust. School capacitywas under pressure and expansionwould be required. Planning issues The Planning Commi�ee had noted poor plans being received and a lack of communication fromMBC. The councilwas to consider a le�er of complaint to the planning department. Traffic issues Cllr Ballardwasworking on the Traffic RoadOrder onAshford Road to bring the speed limit down to 50mph. Cllr Walmsley reported on proposals for double yellowlines on theDoddington side of the FavershamRoad junction. Residents had been asked for feedback. The eastbound pedestrian island could be reinstated,with possible solar lighting and a flashing warning sign also being considered. Improvements to theHamLane andHigh Street junctionswith extra signagewere also being considered by KCC. Lighting Cllr Scrivens confirmed new lighting unitswere due to be installed at Pla�sHeath and Sandway.


Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police Golf equipment, includingclubspersonalised

withtheowner’s initials,were stolenfroma car inPlumTreeLane,Stockbury. Aroofingladderwas takenfromthe roofof a

car inPinewoodDrive,Boxley. AHondagenerator, three chainsaws and

handtoolswere stolenfromabuilders’yardin ScraggedOakRoad,Detling. APeugeot 207was stolenfromLidsingRoad,

Boxley. Aroadbreaker andgrinderwere among

tools stolenfroma transit-stylevaninRoseacre Lane,Bearsted. APeugeot 5008waaskeyedina school car parkinEgremontRoad,Bearsted.

ARotavator tractor a�achmentwas stolen

fromafieldinPilgrimsWay,Boxley. AHonda lawnmowerwas stolenfroma

shedinOthamLane,Bearsted. Agaragedoor inTimbertops,Boxley,was

damagedinana�emptedbreak-in. Thebackwindowof aparkedcarwas

smashedinWare Street,Bearsted. Graffitiwas sprayedonavehicleparkedin

GoldenWoodClose,Boxley. Avehicleparkedonadrive inHillBrow,

Bearsted,haditswindscreensmashed. A Black&Decker lawn scarifierwas stolen

froma garden in Court Lodge Road, Harrietsham.

Maidstone East July 2018 35

Parish Councils

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